APRIL 8th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with Steve, vocals of Halcyon Way. Thank you for conducting this interview with us today.

1. What made you pick the name Halcyon Way for the band name ?

Actually…there was a street in really nice neighbourhood in Atlanta by where Jon grew up. That’s how the name was born. However, Halcyon does mean “peace and tranquility’. I also learned from a someone that Halcyon is the “Greek” name for the King Fisher and small predator bird that has black, white and blue markings. Strange thing about the markings is that they have been a choice of band colors for us…by accident

2.  Tell us what made the band form back in 2001 ?

Jon formed the band back in 2001 as an outlet for his song writing and in hopes of making his mark on the music industry

3.  Steve, being the singer, did you take any kind of singing lessons as you grew up ?

 I always sang in school and church but didn’t start taking lessons until my junior year of high school. Since then I’ve been a Vocal Performance at Westminster Choir College and have taken lessons from some of the top coaches in NYC, LA and Nashville

4.  How did each of the members come to be in the band ?

Steve Braun (vocals) – They found me about 3 weeks before they were scheduled to go into the studio to record Building the Towers. Their original singer Shawn Sheilds had to leave for family reasons. They actually knew of me because of the 2 albums I did with Italian Progressive Metal band Ashent. So, someone from Nightmare Records contacted me via MySpace and we hit it off almost right away. The rest is history

Jon Bodan (lead guitar/backing vocals/death vocals) – He doesn’t count cause he’s the only original member left, lol

Ernie Topran (drums) – I believe Ernie actually went to audition for another band (mutual friends of ours) and was told that he would be a better fit for a friends band and the rest his history

Max Eve (bass) – Is a childhood friend of a friend. He came on after the loss of our bass player Kris and just become a permanent member this past April 2013.

5.  Your genre is classified on your facebook page as metal, progressive metal, hard Rock, heavy metal, what made you pull all these together to create the sound you have ?

 It all comes down to one thing…the songs. I think we have stepped away from the progressive side and are much more straight forward metal. We never set out and say…we want this to be hard rock, this needs to progressive. Each of us brings unique styles to the table and it mess really well into something that is truly classified as “Halcyon Way”

6.  Was there anyone that inspired you as you were growing up to be in a band ?

Around age 15 I love all of the hard rock/ hair metal bands but my 2 biggest influences were Stryper and TnT. Those bands had and still have the 2 most unrated front men in rock. Michael Sweet and Tony Harnell have such a God given voice…incredible

7.  What’s the best part about being in a band for you ?

Getting to share my gift and passion with people all over the world

8.  Is there a negative ?

It is a sacrifice…financially and your away from friend and friends, long hrs driving to practice or on the bus. Its all worth it in the end.

9.  You just toured with the almighty Saxon, how was that for you ?

Those guys were incredible. They treated us with respect…almost like they remember what it  was like being low man on the totem pole. In fact their bass player Nibbs came out in the audience every night and watched our set, truly an honour.

10. When you played Vancouver , it looked like everyone got along great, you all came out to do a song with Saxon, and it just looked to be a lot of  comradery between you all, is that a pretty good assumption ?

Oh yeah definitely…we’ve been friends with Fozzy for a few years and toured the UK with them so it was like one big happy dysfunctional family

11.  This year you wrote and recorded your 4th album “CONQUER”, tell us about the name of the album .

The name came from the struggles we endured as a band and as also individuals and how we grew stronger and Conquered

12.  Who wrote the lyrics for it ?  Was there a story line to follow when the lyrics were written ?

Jon wrote a few complete songs and the rest we wrote together. Most of the songs were written during the time Jon was recovering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma so this is a very emotional album for him. This album lyrically comes right from where Jon and I were at the time…frustrated, bitter, scared, confused, etc

13.  When you are recording your album, do each of the members bring their own music, the drummer, the guitarists ?  Or is it all done by one person, and they learn it ?

Jon came with a skeleton…meaning the guitars done but both Ernie and I made it into Halcyon Way. I believe that is why it sounds quite a bit different (in a good way) from our last 2 releases.

14.  You have a video out now “Web of Lies”, how did it come about that this was the one you wanted to put into video ? (Excellent video by the way.)

Thank you…we wanted to do a video that could have some great imagery plus having a beautiful girl in it doesn’t hurt. The song is super catchy so it was a no brainer

15.  What is next now for Halcyon Way ? 

Hopefully…a new label, new video and lots of touring

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that we may have missed asking, or you want fans to know about Halcyon Way ?

Please spread the word about us. We cant do it alone we need your help to take Halcyon Way to the next level.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at MetalTitans.

Thanks we love you guys and the great city of Vancouver, BC