APRIL 26th 2019

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos: Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/halestorm-guests/

I have been waiting for this show since it was first announced, why, well to tell you the truth, my reason is Beasto Blanco, been listening and enjoying their music since the album Beasto Blanco in 2016.

So you can imagine my excitement when BEASTO BLANCO hit the stage, all Rock N'Roll and full of energy. This band is filled with some amazing talent, first off you have the vocalist Chuck Garric (who also is in Alice Cooper), and Alice Coopers extremely talented daughter, Calico, you don't, or can't take your eyes off her during the whole set. Let's not forget Brother Latham on guitar, who is phenomenal to watch, Jan LeGrow on bass, who creates the thundering riffs, and Seven Antonopoulo blasting those drum beats. Man, this was the band to see on this tour. An exceptional band to start off the night, this was my first experience seeing them live, and truthfully I can't do them the justice they deserve. Each and every one of them catch your eye, great sound, lyrics, and visually very appealing, there is no just standing there to crank out there tunes, oh hell no, they play it loud and they know what it takes to capture the crowds attention and not let it go. I personally could have watched a whole show of them, in fact the songs they played, I don't know how they picked those songs, their catalogue is filled with rock n roll tunes. I am surprised though that most people around me were sitting down, how do you sit, when you have a band up on stage that is just so well tuned with each other, and cranking out those songs, old and new, giving us a night we won't forget. I know I won't, and wishing I had seen more than one show. If this was the first time you saw Beasto, then I am sure you are hooked, and will be checking out more of their music. They have a new album coming out called "We Are" through Rat Pak Records, get it, just get it. This is the kind of music, that makes you feel alive, and you want to play it all day, go out for a drive, roll down the windows, crank it loud and sing along. Please, don't make the mistake of passing over the opening band, because this one will kick your ass, just go see them. Just unbelievable. Plus a little note here . . . they do have VIP, (wish I had gone), but they still come out after their set. Now that is what Rock N Roll is all about, giving their fans so much, so much to remember. A band and their set I won't soon forget. If you are looking for a Rock N Roll high, Beasto Blanco is the one to give it to you. Go see them, you will know what I mean.

Next is PALAYE ROYALE, Fashion-Art Rock, whose hometown is Las Vegas, so I am guessing that is where they get their looks from. The singer Remington moved around, even coming into the audience. But very theatrical for sure, a whole lot of glam here. Kind of a old style rockers, combined with todays Ramones Iggy pop. By the looks of the crowd around me, we were not familiar with this band. Canadian, I didn't realize that, well three of them are, three brothers vocalist, guitarist and drummer, all started this band over a decade ago. I think by the end of the night, people were starting to enjoy them. They sure looked like they were on stage.  

HALESTORM, of course is headlining this tour. The venue was great, but kind of out of the way to really bring in the crowds. I think downtown Vancouver would have been a much better place to showcase this tour. Although tonight, there seemed to be concerts everywhere in Vancouver, so that may have been part of the problem. As soon as Halestorm stepped out the crowd went crazy, they were standing, cheering, ready for who they came for. I have only seen Halestorm one other time, and was surprised when Lzzy stepped out onto the stage, I though I was looking at Joan Jett, a much younger version of course. This band has been making a mark in the industry as the years go on, 90 minutes or close to, they played their set extremely well. At one point the songs slowed down, giving the band a bit of a break from the energy filled songs. Looking around the room, people were really getting into Lzzy and her coharts. Lighting was spectacular, never seen so amazing lighting before, and it really added to the show. All in all, there is a chemistry among the band, which adds to the pleasure of watching them on stage. I am pretty sure everyone there left with some great memories, and sang all the way home.