NOVEMBER 25th 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


Tonight in Vancouver I am about to be introduced to two more new bands. Looking forward to it, and especially since it is at the Commodore Ballroom, an excellent place to hold shows. Great visibility, sound and more important, lighting.

First band up was suppose to be “The Wild”, but sadly they were sick and could not make it, in their place the band AVIATOR SHADES. They are a band right out of Vancouver and they cranked out some great bona fide rock n’ roll for all of us to enjoy. This was definitely a great band to open up for Halestorm, they got the crowd going, everyone all out enjoying, in fact the couple in front of me were having a blast dancing. I have never seen dancing at a show, moshing yes, but no dancing. This was the first time I have seen Aviator Shades, and I highly recommend you see them. Great show guys.

The storm came next, Halestorm that is, and boy am I ever impressed with this band. Don’t get them confused with Alestorm, because Halestorm is by far a band above. Siblings Elizabeth (a.k.a. Lzzy) (vocals/keyboards) at the age of 13 and Arejay Hale (drums) at the age of 10 were the core members who started this band in 1997. After some changes the band solidified with the addition of Josh Smith on bass, and Joe Hottinger on guitar, and now they are complete and conquering every town they hit. I didn’t get to enjoy them in June, as the show had to be cancelled. But you always know the bands will be back around, and trust me, … HALESTORM is a band worth waiting for. What I found really interesting was that Lzzy talked and gave information about themselves between songs, 90% of bands just keep rolling along, but this made it that more enjoyable. At a point in their set Arejay was the only one on stage, doing what he does best, cranking out those drums blasts with the energy of  an energizer bunny. No kidding, this guy was truly amazing to watch, then he stopped and said that we all knew Halestorm brings something big to their set .. And he brought out the biggest drum sticks I have ever seen, and continued playing as if they were the regular sticks. Halestorm brings so much to their shows, the talent is phenomenal. In fact Lzzy did a cover song from the older days .. And wow!! She kicked ass singing this one, in fact, I am a fan of Fleetwood Mac, she sang this song better than the original singer. That is monumental, not often someone can actually outdo the original. All I have to say is Halestorm has it all, and gives it to the crowd and everyone takes it all in. Vocals will rock you, the beat captures your attention and holds onto it, the guitar riffs blend and the bass, well it makes you pay attention, and the drumming, it holds your soul until the end of time. They havew mastered their art and they demonstrate just how rockers should be. When I first entered the Commodore I really thought that I wouldn’t stay for the whole set,  boy I was so wrong, and I will also be right up front next time they return. Really glad they made it to Vancouver so I could have a fantastic night, and one to remember for a long time. Thanks so much. Come back soon. They did mention something about Canada though, and that is  how often we say Sorry. I am sure that I didn’t give Halestorm all the credit they truly deserve here - sorry.

HALESTORM - "Apocalyptic"