FEBRUARY 27th 2014
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper
Signing: http://www.metaltitans.com/concert-pics-2014/children-of-bodom-signing/
Live: http://www.metaltitans.com/concert-pics-2014/halo-of-blood-tour-2014/

Where do I even start…killer line up for sure, my main reason for going was for Týr, but tonight these bands all gave 150%. So impressed, I was talking about it all the way home.  Plus the venue, Commodore Ballroom, is the perfect place to witness these bands, their sound, and their energy.

First up tonight is Týr, a band from the Faroe Islands, which is an archipelago and autonomous country between Norway and Iceland. Their last album Valkyria was released September 2013, and is my favourite from this band. For me, 30 minutes was not enough time to showcase their talent, it was just a tiny tease, and bam it was over. But it was a 30 minute set that I and the crowd were thoroughly enjoying to the max. They played a variety of songs, old and new to everyone’s pleasure. Always great to watch a band, that works and strives so well together, have fun on stage, and give their all to their fans. There was some real frenzied guitar riffing going on, plus the energy at that drum kit was phenomenal. Such enthusiasm and skill in handling the bass. And let’s not forget the vocalist here either, Heri has such varied and skilled vocals, all this combined to make an unforgettable experience. I am hoping it won’t be long before they return, with a much longer time on stage.

Up next is the Bay Areas own thrash metallers DEATH ANGEL. What to say here, because truthfully I didn’t expect to enjoy their set after Týr, and I have seen them a few times. I could not have been more wrong, I think what caught my eye first of all is the energy level, it’s remarkable, and their set, I couldn’t even tell you what they played, because I was just enjoying everything about Death Angel tonight. Good music, great energy, smiles happening, just pure solid talent and it showed. Usually with a thrash band out of the USA, I can’t manage to hang on to my front row post, but for whatever reason, I did, which really adds to the experience. Whether they were moshing or not,  I don’t even know, and I don’t know how full the venue was, that’s how good a set they played, I didn’t care what was happening around me, all attention was focused on Death Angel.

Of course next is the headliner, which I haven’t seen in a long time, at least it seems like forever. Words can’t even explain their set. CHILDREN OF BODOM , nailed it , and hard. I am speechless, and don’t even know if I can do their set justice. I am always amazed at the talent of this melodic death metal band out of Finland.  They have recorded many albums over the years, and they picked from a variety of songs over the years to play for the crowds, and you knew when they hit a favourite, the crowd went absolutely crazy. Although here I will mention, that there was an idiot in the crowd that threw a plastic cup up at the stage and hit Alexi, but being the professional that Alexi is, he carried on without a glitch, very impressive I might add. Alexi did give a hand gesture, and carried right on. This is not the norm for Vancouver fans, and I hope it doesn’t cause any hesitation in returning. Because the rest of us, enjoyed the non stop talent behind Bodom. Personally I was fixed on Alexi, being up front, I could see the guitar work being done, amazing, just phenomenal to watch, don’t you wonder how he creates all these riffs after so many years. But he obviously loves what he does, and it shows. While playing he turns around as he swings his guitar around his body, and continues as if nothing happens. Showmanship and talent at it’s best. Bodom has always had their very own sound and style, and it works. Personally to me, there is none like Bodom, their sound is unique. The whole crowd was thoroughly enjoying themselves, you couldn’t do anything else “but” enjoy. They also threw out drumsticks and pics, but I just wasn’t fast enough, you almost take your life in your hands grabbing for one of those. On their Facebook page it says “CHILDREN OF BODOM has joined the ranks of the world’s finest heavy music acts.” I hate to disagree, because I say they have gone far beyond that. I hope that they make a quick return to enjoy once again.

Thanks to all 3 bands Children of Bodom, Death Angel and Týr for making the stop in Vancouver, we really appreciate the effort it took for you to get here, with all the road closures, and travelling back and forth to different roads to get here. I for one, am very thankful and I thank you for giving us such a killer show.