APRIL 25th 2017

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Andrew of Australian thrashers Harlott, who are about to release a new album through Metal Blade Records on April 7th.

You have a new lead guitarist, Jake Weber, how did you find him?

Enough people got into contact with us when we put the add out for a new guitarist that we actually ended up contacting him. He’s a rural New South Welshman that moved to Melbourne a short time ago, but is very experienced in metal and has a right hand that can end lives. We asked him to help fill in while we found someone permanent as he wasn’t interested in the full-time position, but after a few jams and a gig with Revocation, he changed his mind and signed the contract.

You have a new album “Extinction”, coming out in April, what can we expect from this compared to Proliferation?

…More of the same really. It’s a little bit darker in places and a little bit more melodic in others. It’s still a balls to the wall thrash metal album, but it’s a further exploration into the things we have always wanted to try. If you like it fast and angry, we can definitely help you out.

How long did it take you to put the album together?

It was about a six-month writing process and a 6 month recording process. We all work full time, so we can’t just set aside 2 months to write and record something in the studio, but we like to keep active, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking your time when it comes to something that as an artist you’re likely to hate anyway.

Did you have any issues along the way?

There was a long list of fairly serious issues that delayed things several times, but they were all pretty grim so in the interest of keeping things light let’s just say that everything went off without a hitch!

Who wrote the lyrics for this album?

Music and Lyrics is always my (Andrew) problem. Been that way for several years now, and its working so far, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t be THRILLED to have some help once in a while…

Do you yourself have a favourite on this one?

It’s always hard to pick out a favourite, and this album in particular has a lot of things that we tried that came together well enough for me to not hate them at all, but one thing I’m particularly proud of is ‘and darkness brings the light’. Its brooding and haunting and has a level of dark melody that I’ve always wanted to do but never managed. Also, it’s pretty slow for the most part, so its fucking easy to play.

First World Solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCDTJZpBUMs

Cool artwork for the album cover, who designed it, and where did the idea come from?

We used Andrei Bouzikov for the second time, and just as it was with ‘Proliferation’, he managed to nail what we were after despite being given possibly the vaguest design brief one can be given. I had a really rough idea of what I wanted, but embarrassment prevented me from being able to verbalize entirely the cliché that I wanted to adorn the front of the album, but a week after a brief chat, Andrei sent us EXACTLY what we needed. It’s such a great image, and I’m crazy about the colour schemes. Looks great on the vinyl’s, you should all buy one to find out for yourself.

What made you decide thrash was the way to go?

I don’t think we ever considered anything else. Thrash is what we love to play and what we love to hear, and we’ve been doing this long enough that the Thrash revival hadn’t hit Australia. We didn’t realize thrash was trendy again until it was already not trendy again. I personally grew up on Megadeth and Slayer and Testament, and whilst I did dabble in all the genres, as every good young metalhead does, it was always thrash that kept me excited. Everything else hits in phases. Thrash is life.

What has been the most difficult issue being in HARLOTT? 
We’re from down under. It makes everything really difficult. Putting aside the travel costs of overseas touring, the relative low population of national touring, and the 1st world, western civilization luxury we all enjoy that doesn’t exactly breed this civil unrest needed for metal to thrive. Putting all of that aside, who the fuck wants to rehearse when its 45 degrees Celsius? Who even wants to be alive when it’s that hot? Heat like that makes me want to dive into our shark and crocodile infested waters and just end it all.

So once your album is released April 7th, do you plan to tour to support it?

We are in talks with our top-secret connections about getting back overseas to make sure people get the chance to get to know who we actually are. Exposure is tough for us Aussie bands, so if we want to make the most of all the hard work we put into this album, we need to hit the road.

It must be expensive to come off Australia and do tours? Do you use some of your own money, or does the label help out, or maybe get on another tour where it isn’t just yours?

It is, it really is. When we did Europe late 2015, we spent $10,000 Australian (probably about $23 USD…) on flights alone. Just to get all four of us and our sound tech to Germany, we were already 10 grand down. Then there was the costs of visiting 19 countries over 6 weeks. It was very expensive. We managed to sell a lot of merch (for us at least) so we did make a lot back, but we were only able to do that because Metal Blade could stock us every time we ran out, and let us pay them back once we had sold it all. If we had to get the merch up front as well… things would have been a lot worse for us.

Tell us something about Harlott that we don’t know already?

Our drummer Tim has a tattoo of the Southern Cross constellation on his back, so if we ever get lost in the outback at night, we can get naked and find our way home pretty easy.

I am always curious, do your parents support your type of music?

My dad famously said to me many years ago “why don’t you play music people like?”
They’re not unsupportive in any way, but they certainly question the choices we have made.

Do you consider everyone a family in the band, do you hang out outside of band life?

We are a close bunch of friends, and much like a family, you can really hate each other at times. Touring tests people, it really does, and after 6 weeks on a bus that smelt by the end almost entirely of feet and masturbation, we came back a pretty strong unit. We can piss each other off, but we can also have a good time, and blitz it on stage together. Im actually typing this all up before heading out on a dinner date with the other guys. Romantic, right?

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Thanks heaps for these questions it’s been a lot of fun. Hope you didn’t take anything I said too seriously, I’ve been known to have a pretty fucked sense of humour even for an Australian. And please excuse my use of ‘S’ instead of ‘Z’ for a lot of words. Also, my spelling of ‘humour’… do we even speak the same language?

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success with “Extinction”, and we hope to see you on this side of the ocean one day.