JUNE 22nd 2015

Review by: YouFO

Genre: Frost Death Metal
Record Label: The Crypt Vinyl USA / Dark Descent USA/

Band Members:
Tomasz Dobrzeniecki - bass and voice
Rafał Spadło - guitar
Paweł "Pavulon" Jaroszewicz - drums

Track Listing:
01. Frozen Majesty    
02. Clairvoyance    
03. Seven Winds    
04. Kingdom of Mist    
05. Güngnir    
06. Legate of Goat Tyrant  
07. Ancient Mags   
08. Thor  
09. Elimination...   
10. Wyrd  

The Crypt and Dark Descent Records worked together with Poland's HAZAEL to release their 1994 Album "THOR". Presented as a double LP set, 200 on classic black wax, 200 on Gold / red marble "Hammer of Thor" Edition and 100 red / black marble "Blood of the Gods" edition (exclusive to Dark Descent Records), mastered from the original analog source files. These LPs will be housed in a in a 350 gram gatefold jacket and will feature the original cover artwork, classic band photos and lyrics.

Well, another band that I am not familiar with, and never heard of the genre "Frost Death Metal". So let's see what this album is all about. It is a re-release, and it's hard to go wrong with death metal.

First, I wanted to listen numerous times, to get the real atmosphere of the 10 songs, to really experience it. So I gave it a few listens to make sure I got it all. I think you will find this album worth your time. Some really great riffage happening here, I would like to have heard a real drum kit on this, I think it might have made a big difference, don't get me wrong, this is still a magnificent album, with a hint of Scandinavian. Making it a worthwhile piece. Vocals are masterful as well. If you didn't get this one first time around, then now is your chance to grab it. I also look forward to their next work.

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