DECEMBER 23rd 2016

Review by YouFO

Genre: Melodic Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Band Members:
Elliot Lowe- Lead Vocals
Brian Wynn- Guitar
Tyler Huffman- Guitar
Russell Carollo- Bass
Connor Davis- Drums/ Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Westfall Recording Studios
Album Artwork by Andrew Meisenheimer

Well, new band to me. Interesting sound, at times melodic and enjoyable, then turns quickly to in your face, brutal. I know some of you out there will appreciate the variety in this band, I do for the fact that it is not all the same where you can't tell where one song ends and the other begins. I listened to all 15 songs, that is a lot of songs for the first album, think I might have put 11 on the first and saved the others for the next one, then just add some more. But their album, they do what they think is best for them. I am not telling you all the details on the riffs, drum blasts and more, because you need to listen to this and decide yourself whether you enjoy it. I will say that 88% of metal fans will definitely want to get their hands on this.

Track Listing:
1. Prelude 1933-1944
2. Hour of the Omean
3. Sacrificer
4. The Dragon's Den
5. Brothers of Bloodshed
6. Mist
7. The Sentinel
8. Lorn
9. Wastelands
10. Oella
11. A Far Cry Home
12. Counting the Hours
13. Silo and the Sea
14. I of the Tied
15. The Seraphic

So listen to this song, and then go buy it.