APRIL 1st 2019


Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide. We had the opportunity to talk with Freddie Formis of Epic Melodic Death Metal Band “Hell's Guardian” from Italy.

Interview By: Metal Mom

The band originally formed back in 2009, what brought that about?

We started to play instruments when we were 11, for us it was normal to think that one day we would have been a part of a band and we would have created our music.

You recorded your first demo in 2010, which included an intro, an unreleased track, cover of Amorphis, how did you manage to get an unreleased track from them?

As regards the second question there's an error. Our demo is composed by three tracks: an intro and an unreleased track "Hell's Guardian" written by us and a cover of Amorphis' On rich and poor.

2014 sees Follow Your Fate, how did people react to it?

When "Follow your Fate" came out it got positive reviews from webzines and magazines. It gave a nice boost to introduce ourselves in the metal world.

Tell us how of your members came to Hell's Guardian

My brother Dylan and I started to play drum and guitar, then we decided to start a band. As regards the vocalist, I already knew Cesare since High School, his growl was very impressive, and we were very close. The bass player Claudio became part of Hell's Guardian in 2015 when the first bassist decided to quit the band. He knew it thanks to his ex-band, sometimes we shared the stage.

Who was your biggest influence in your music?

Our biggest influences are definitely Amorphis, In Flames old style, Insomnium and Amon Amarth.

How old were you when you thought being in a band was something you wanted to do?

When we were children, my brother and I have always been influenced by my father who loves metal music. We listened to a lot of rock and metal music and we watched bands in live music on DVD. We wanted to be like them.

How does Italy react to the Melodic Death Metal, I am curious as the United States it seems to be part of their culture?

Melodic Death Metal is appreciated in Italy, but we also have to say that Power/Symphonic Metal and Thrash Metal seems to be more enjoyed.

Who creates your artwork?

"Follow your Fate" and "Ex Adversis Resurgo" artworks were made by Jan Orkki Yrlund and "As Above So Below" artwork was made by Gustavo Sazes close associate of Arch Enemy, Amaranthe and Kamelot.

How did you decide on the name for the band?

We chose Hell's Guardian to give the band a dark image that resumed the genre and the instrumental part of the songs.

You had a tour in the UK, how did that go for you?

Yes, we've done five shows in Newcastle, Chesterfield, Wolverhampton, Swansea and London. We were well received by local people especially in London. Melodic Death Metal seems to be well appreciated in England. We hope to come back next winter.

When you are out on the street walking, do people recognize you?

Sometimes especially when I go to concerts, I meet fans.

Do you have a place that you really want to play?

We would like to do a tour around Europe and to play in the major clubs.

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened to you while being in the band?

The most exciting thing that happened to us was shared the show with Children Of Bodom in Milan in 2015. Tour in Russia was amazing too, we see a lot of places and meet a lot of people who love our music.

Tell us something that we should all know about Hell's Guardian . . .

We members of Hell's Guardian are workers too but despite it we find the time and way to keep the band going with sacrifices. Often people say to us that all money invested for music, all time spent in concerts and all passion that we put in band are worthless. Maybe we'll never reach the success we want but we don't care, and we just do what we love and we try to do it well.

For now, we are trying to promote “As Above So Below” as much as possible on the various social networks and we are planning a new official video that will be the classic lyric video.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview.

Thanks a lot for this interview, it really was a pleasure!