MARCH 28th 2019

Review By: Metal Mom/Chris
Photos: Char Tupper

Well it's a Thursday, and off I go to Vancouver to listen and review these bands. I have heard great things about this tour, seen some great photos too, so let's see if our show is the same.

First up is HOLLOW CRY, a spanish Metalcore band hailing from Lleida, who in Spain are the forefront of emerging metal. Well I can tell you I was glad I got there to see this band, they had a ton of energy and really got the crowd going for what was to come. This was a great start to the night. Great set, and by looking around the room, they had the full attention of the crowd. Great music and well put together. I will be checking them out again when they come through. Sadly not everyone is going to have that chance to listen, as they were only on a certain part of the bill. But damn, I was lucky enough to witness Hollow Cry.

WOLFHEART had a whole whack of people on the floor, all eager to hear what they had to offer. You want brutal, you got it, they delivered it. They played old and new to everyones cheers, horns raised, and some moshing. They had everyones attention from the get go, and they didn't let go. It is just too bad they didn't play longer, I really enjoyed their set. Kicked some ass that is for sure. A great testament to Winter Metal.

Next is SWALLOW THE SUN, a little death and doom coming your way. But sorry, the lighting for them was so dark, you couldn't see some faces to distinguish who was who up there. And yes, maybe the doom brings that kind of atmosphere to the stage, but for me, I just didn't see the point, kind of like just listening to a cd if you can't see the band members. Don't get me wrong, the music was good, the last 2 songs were the ones I really liked though, faster beat. They played a variety of their songs for the crowd, which had filled the floor even more.

I can't believe the last time I saw CHILDREN OF BODOM here in Vancouver was at the Commodore Ballroom in late 2017. I will say right here, lighting was way better at Commodore, but it was better than the previous band. Swallow the Sun was the lull before the storm, because once Bodom started, it was never ending crowd surfing, horns raised, and people singing loudly. So you knew right there that this is the band of the night, who everyone came to see, including me. Bodom has always had the talent of putting some great songs together, musically and lyrically, and they showered us with them. Certain songs made the crowds go especially crazy, like "Are you Dead Yet", and well you know those classic songs, they inspire the crowd.  I am not sure if it sold out or not, but there were tons on the floor. They played some of their new songs of the album Hexed as well, people were singing right along on those new ones, well any of their songs really. Children of Bodom is just one of those bands, that you listened to in high school, and are still listening to this day. Why, because they have that talent, the guitar riffs, solos, drum blasts, keyboards, and top it off the vocals, there is no other band like them. Truly, you can't compare them to any other, what can I say, it is Bodom, and we were all left wanting more. Thanks for such an amazing set, and fantastic performance. This is talent at its best.