JULY 20th 2016

Review By: Ruben Mosqueda

New York City based Hollow Bones’ self-released album ‘Lionheart’ is an anxiety and panic inducing, overwhelming, and pummeling metal-core record. No question. The vocals are snarling in your face, nothing too remarkable from today’s run of the mill ‘core’ acts.

Musically, there’s nothing particularly innovative happening. If Hollow Bones were in a police line-up you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from the average ‘run of the mill’ urban metal-core act.  The band doesn’t open on a high note the first couple of tracks; “Wandering Sparrow” and “The November Diaries” would have had me throwing the CD out the car window at 75 miles an hour [which I have done before with a review copy!]; this time however it was in form of a wonderfully compress mp3. On my phone, so that would be ridiculous. Where Hollow Bones really shines however is on the 3rd track “Lionheart, Execution.”

I don’t know what they did different in the writing process on that particular song but THAT is fantastic. Do more of THAT is what I would say to them; there are moments throughout the rest of ‘Lionheart’ but none that match that ferocity and genuine intensity of “Lionheart, Execution.”  There’s potential with Hollow Bones to break away from the pack.