MAY 25th 2019 

Welcome to MetalTitans, recently our Metal Mom had the opportunity to chat with Groove Thrash Metal band "Hollowed" based out of Germany

Interview By: Metal Mom

So how did you come to name your band "Hollowed", what was the inspiration behind it?

When we were looking for a new band name, the image of a skull came to mind – where once there was organic material, there’s only emptiness after death, and everything is hollow. So the name and the first draft of the logo were born.

What made you pick Groove Thrash Metal as your style over others?

Fight: We did not really “pick” it on purpose. When I joined the band, we of course talked about what kind of band we wanted to be, but we all agreed that in the end we have to like the music were making, and therefore make the music we like, no matter if it sounds like Black, Death or Thrash Metal. That Groove Thrash mixture is just what came out of it.

Andy: Our style developed when we were first jamming together. We just played riffs that we came up with and liked, without giving much thought to the sub-genre they “belong” to. The term Groove Thrash Metal was just what we thought of when looking at the stuff we play.

Josch: Groove Thrash is our mix of melody, groove, and Speed/Thrash Metal. The new songs we are writing right now will be a bit faster, with more Thrash influences, but we’ll never forget our groove. That’s really a fact Hollowed.

Tom: I think this groovy mix is just what comes out at the end when you put five people with very different influences into a room to write music together. Variation in the music we are making is very important to every one of us, so we never wanted to be all fast or all slow. The combination of the two just makes for an interesting musical experience.

Explain what "groove" thrash metal is . .

Fight: It’s hard and heavy music, basically Thrash Metal with some slower and more rhythmic/groovy parts in it.

Josch: Groove Thrash combines drop-D tuned guitars, heavy riffs, stomping rhythms, and the occasional fast Thrash part into our very own mixture for headbangers and moshpit enthusiasts.

Tell us how each of the band members came to be in the band?

Josch: Andy (bass) and me (rhythm guitar) were part of the old band Devil’s Pulse with some other guys. When DP broke apart, we decided to form a new band, so we’re basically the root of Hollowed.

Andy: I joined the band when it was still called Devil’s Pulse, with Josch on rhythm guitar, but a different drummer and lead guitarist. We wrote a few songs together, but nobody really seemed to have a clue what to do with the band, and how. Since I was searching for serious musicians to really go up to the next level, my enthusiasm and visions probably took the others a bit unawares. Josch was the only one who wasn’t overwhelmed, I think, so that’s what led to the change in lineup and the formation of Hollowed.

Fight: That’s a long story ... I also play guitar, and because I live in the countryside, I couldn’t find any other musicians. There are just so many guitarists out there that it’s really hard to find a band. So during the time in which I was basically bandless, I wrote a ton of songs and one day, while driving in my car, I discovered: maybe I can sing. So I tried that out, recorded myself with the phone just to hear how it actually sounds, and since my motto is, "Do it now, or you will regret not trying", I started looking for bands online that were searching for a singer. And boom … I soon found Hollowed, and here we go! By the way, I was one of 3 guys auditioning for the job in Hollowed, so I outperformed singers without actually being one myself. I still keep telling myself I’m really a guitar player (laughs).

Tom: I moved to Frankfurt in fall 2016 and had to leave my old band in Munich behind. Since I absolutely wanted to continue making music, I was searching for bands in Frankfurt, and one day in spring 2017 I read Fight’s post in a Facebook group for Frankford-based musicians, saying that his band was looking for a drummer. The practice room is only half a mile from my apartment, so I messaged him and we agreed to meet. Everything was cool, and obviously the guys liked the way I played, so I was taken on board.

Ivan: After leaving In Dying Lights, with whom I had recorded two singles, I was looking for a band that was as ambitious and motivated as I was and still am. I found an ad by Hollowed on Facebook, so we made an appointment, and after two months of rehearsal it was clear that I wanted to be part of them – and here I am.

In February this year, you released an EP titled "Shattered", what was the response like from fans?

Fight: Response was great so far. People seem to like it.

Ivan: We had a lot of positive feedback from people who said they were impressed with the musical quality and the production.

Andy: Overwhelming …

Josch: Really awesome! We were even discovered by Metal-O-Mania, a heavy metal radio broadcast from Maryland, USA. The guys there heard our music, obviously liked it, and featured our songs and even a short interview in their program.

Tom: We’re really happy that metal enthusiasts everywhere seem to enjoy listening to our stuff!

Why did you choose to do an EP over an album?

Andy: Firstly because we didn’t have enough new and convincing material for a full album.

Josch: Excactly. We wanted to record our new songs instead of the old ones, because they unite all that Hollowed stands for today.

Andy: Also, we wanted to get to know our producer and see what working in the studio is like, how each of us functions under the pressure of having to record his part in the best possible way. Basically, a learning experience in preparation of the first full-length album.

Ivan: Producing a full album is more expensive than an EP, and we wanted to see the reaction of the people.

Fight: But were definitely going to record an album and already started writing new songs.

Who created the artwork for the EP, and how did you decide on what would be best?

Josch: The artwork was created by Felicity Nims, a friend of ours and a really good graphic designer. The cover and artwork is the essence of our ideas.

Tom: After we agreed that the EP should be called Shattered, we told Felicity that our idea was something with a shattered window or mirror, and a figure behind it that was half human (with skin and all) and half demon, monster or something like that. Felicity came up with the half-flayed demonic creature, and we liked it instantly.

Who writes the lyrics for your music?

Fight: The lyrics are my job.

Where does the inspiration come from to write them?

Fight: When I see something on the news, I think about all this stuff and then some words just pop into my head. First it’s just a sentence and then you try to find rhymes and all of a sudden, two hours are gone and your sitting in front of new lyrics. I try to write aggressive and maybe even offensive lyrics, I just don’t like to sing about all the nice things. I wanna show people the ugly side of the world just to make them aware that all this bullshit is still there, no matter how hard they try to look away, or how hard they try to cover it up.

Tell us something about "Hollowed" that we might not know?

Fight: We're never drunk at rehearsals! Yeah, this is some serious shit!

Tom: We’re usually even sober on stage and only drink after finishing our gig. It’s easier to play our songs right with a clear head.

When you were a child, did you have someone that was an inspiration for you to get into music?

Tom: Many people, mostly drummers from bands I was listening to.

Ivan: Of course. There was this guy who played on the terrace of his house with his father ... they played Pantera covers, and the first thing that came to my mind was, “I want to play this fucking music”!

Josch: My first instrument as a young child was the flute. My cousin played guitar, and when I first heard the Rolling Stones and AC/DC, I knew that I wanted to play electric guitar, too.

Fight: One day my older sister slapped a CD into my face and said "listen to this!" It was Slayer - Reign in Blood.

Andy: For me it was the rebellious feeling you get as a 12-year-old when you listen to metal for the first time. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and stuff like that. I am a child of the eighties and was instantly hooked. It turned out very quickly that I wasn’t satisfied with listening to the music but wanted to play it myself. A big factor was how cool those guys looked.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Andy: Rock and Metal.

Fight: Nowadays basically everything. I love old school rock like CCR and the Rolling Stones or more modern stuff like Nickelback... Yes I just said that... I’m a big Nickelback fan. But also lots of Thrash Metal, like Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Megadeth and so on. Sometimes some Black Metal as well like Gorgoroth or Behemoth. I also enjoy Synthwave very much, like Dance With The Dead, Alex or Lazerhawk. I almost forgot to mention Stoner Rock such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Down. There’s so much great music out there it would be stupid to limit yourself to one genre.

Josch: Most of the time I listen to Heavy Metal, but I like other genres too. I love listening to music at work and I am searching for new inspirations on YouTube. For example, I often listen to Venom Inc’s full set video from Bloodstock Open Air 2018. Really fucking great and kind of a tribute to Motorhead. RIP Lemmy!

Ivan: Blues (Joe Bonamassa), Reggae, 70’s and 80’s rock

Tom: Practically everything from the Metal cosmos, from Melodic/Power/Heavy Metal to Thrash, from Black to Death Metal. Besides the big international bands, I particularly enjoy listening to local/underground metal bands and going to their shows. There’s a lot of awesome stuff waiting to be discovered around every corner.

When you are not doing band things, what could we find you doing?

Josch: Taking care of my two lovely kids – my son Henri is two and half and my daughter Lola is 15 months old, and Henri is Hollowed’s youngest fan. A big and loving thanks to my wife Alexandra. Without her support and love I wouldn’t be able to be a part of Hollowed.

Andy: Cooking food and eating it. And physical exercise – I love running and weightlifting.

Fight: Watching Movies, watching American Football games (Dawgpound for life!), being outside throwing a football, heading out for joyrides (I love my car) and so on, nothing that special.

Tom: I love riding my bike, and I also try to spend at least two or three hours every week exercising in the gym (weightlifting). On quiet evenings with my girlfriend I enjoy binge-watching TV series like Vikings or Game of Thrones.

To you, what is the most important thing about being in Hollowed?

Andy: The band gives me the possibility to express myself in a musical way, which is a kind of language to tell stories with your songs – even apart from the lyrics, only with the musical elements you bring into a song. Hollowed is the vehicle in which I’m moving toward the future.

Fight: Making music together.

Josch: To have fun and create kick-ass metal. To play live on stage with Hollowed for fans is one of the best and important moments. And to create new songs and bound my nuts while a playing my engl fireball 100. That’s it.

Tom: Creating something that lasts, and having a good time with cool people united by Metal.

I have to ask, why be in a band, I mean it isn't going to make you rich, or even close to, you will have to have a second job, unless you are one of the older classics like Iron Maiden, Ozzy and such, tell us why you yourself are in the band.

Josch: Because there is no other way to be yourself. Hollowed is the second most important thing for me, after the health of my family. A band is more than financial success.

Fight: Because I love music! I always loved creating stuff, and creating music is just awesome. And it becomes even more awesome when you have the possibility to let people hear what music you make, what your music sounds like, and when you can perform these songs live in front of people.

Andy: Money only plays a secondary role. For me the band is doing what I love, being unstoppable, creating something and never giving up. All the big bands, those who got rich through their music, never listened to people telling them that they couldn’t become anything. So you never know.

Tom: I have my day job, which serves to create a certain amount of income, and then I have the things I love, like my girlfriend, sports and Hollowed. For me it’s basically an expensive and time-consuming hobby that I couldn’t live without.

What is next for you guys?

Andy: A few live concerts and songwriting for our album which we want to record in early 2020.

Fight: Album, label, touring, world domination

Josch: Creating the next explosion in the Heavy Metal universe. This first full album of Hollowed will kick your ass. See you next time motherfuckers.