JULY 10th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with the band Illdisposed, who are about to release their newest and their 14th album "Grey Sky Over Black Town".

1. Tell us how you came to name the album Grey Sky Over Black Town ?

The title is actually taken out of the lyrics for the 1995 song “Memories Expanded”. The last 3 albums had titles that were taken out of our own lyrics. We wanted the title to be dark, so it would fit the overall feeling of the songs. It is definitely one of the darker albums we have made.

2. When you pick the name, does the whole band have a say in it ?

Well, we all come up with hints and ideas. But the final title is usually decided by Bo. Everything with words is his job, it’s his universe.

3. When you release an album who decides on what kind of format to release it in ?

That is something we usually discuss with our record label. We’re old fashioned at that point, we prefer CDs and vinyl LPs. I wouldn’t be able to tell where you can stream or download our albums. I have never been streaming music myself. But I’ve got an LP and CD collection. Those are the formats we care about.

4. You recorded at 2 studios, Antfarm and The Batcave, why two studios, and how did you pick these two to do the work ?

The Batcave is my own home studio. We are mainly recording there to save money – and because it’s convenient. But I do not have a good room for recording drums there, and I’m sure that my neighbors would hate it as well. So we’re tracking the drums at the Antfarm. It’s quite close to where we live, and we have known Tue Madsen since we were kids. He is the best producer for us to work with these days.

5. The artwork for the album was done by Lasse Hoile, what kind of inspiration was behind the artwork  ?

When we decided the album title, the first thing that came to me was an old western-like town with a person hanging in gallows. So I gave that idea to Lasse Hoile, who used his artistic skills to make it a bit more stylish. The photo is actually taken at the same roof as the band photo. It’s right at the centre of our hometown Aarhus.

Lasse Hoile is mostly working for progressive artists, like Steven Wilson, Opeth and Dream Theater. We like to use his art, as it is not the typical death metal artwork.

6. What can the fans expect to hear from your 14th album ?

It’s more brutal and intense than what we’re usually doing. It has many more fast songs than usually, but also a couple of really slow, heavy songs. And then we’ve added these dirty black metal parts to spice it all up a bit. But I’m pretty sure that people will say that it sounds like Illdisposed. No matter what we do, we could make a jazz album and it would still sound like Illdisposed.

7. Where did the ideas come from to create the lyrics ?

The lyrics are mainly dealing with all the shit that is happening in life, all the stuff that can take you down. The keyword is endings. The ending of happy things in life.

8. Do you yourself have a personal favourite on this album, if so why that one.

I really like “The After All”. Maybe because it’s the slowest song on the album – it has a great atmosphere. It’s probably the slowest song we have ever made. “I Tried To Live” is my favorite mid-tempo song, and “In Light Of The Moon” is my favorite fast song I guess.

9. Now this is your 25th anniversary as well, did you ever think you would still be doing this 25 years later ?

No, not at all. I imagined that we would be full time family fathers – and maybe play some softer music. It’s really strange that 25 years have passed. It feels like 10 years. That’s the worst thing about getting older. Time is running faster and faster each year. But it has been a great ride.

10. Have you ever had any regrets ?

Some 10 years ago we said no to a tour with Bolt Thrower and another tour with Vader. Back then it made sense, but seen in today’s perspective it probably wasn’t the best idea.

11. Was there anything else that you thought of doing instead of being in a band ?

I think I would feel empty without a band. The band is what is adding some kind of sense of being here on this planet. I will always be playing music I guess. For the past 15 years I have also been working as an IT administrator. But that’s just to put food on the table.

12. Where will the album be released first ?

It was released in Europe on May 27th. That was the first market where it was released.

13. Do you have plans to tour once it is out to the fans ?  If so can you tell us where ?

Well, for the first time ever, we do not have any specific touring plans set up for the album release. Competition is getting really hard touring wise, and it’s really hard to compete with those packages with 3-4 big bands. But we will see what happens.

14. Did you have any issues while recording this album ?

Nothing we haven’t tried before. We were recording with our new drummer Rasmus. It’s always challenging to get new members into the music and into the feeling of the band. Rasmus has a background in brutal death metal but is also a very versatile drummer. We tried to take advantage of that, and create some fast and brutal songs, going into some more cheesy – almost jazzy parts now and then.

15. Are you playing in any of the Festivals in Europe this year ?

Yeah, we will be playing some interesting festivals, mainly in Germany. We will begin next week at Rock Harz Open Air, then Summer Breeze and Death Feast among others.

16. When you are not working on material, recording for the band, what can people find you doing ?

I’m working 9-5 as IT administrator for a big furniture company. And besides that I’m also doing all the practical band work like economy, interviews, designing the merchandise, running the web shop, logistics planning etc. So sometimes I wish the day had more than 24 hours.

17. When you listen to music, who do you enjoy listening to ?

I really dig the U.K. progressive artist Steven Wilson. Everything he did with Porcupine Tree and as a solo artist is great. The new Gojira album is pretty good. King Diamond, Morbid Angel, Opeth. Basically I’m listening to all genres – as long as it’s good music.

18. After the release of Grey Sky Over Black Town, what is in store for the band, what are your plans ?

We already did a bunch of release shows in Denmark, and we will go on playing festivals now. After the festivals, our booking agency will hopefully set up some good club shows or maybe a tour.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you want fans to know ?

I would like to thank everyone who has been taking the time to listen to Illdisposed. And everybody who is planning to do so. Cheers!

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success with your 14th album "Grey Sky Over Black Town"

Thank you for the interview Rita!