DECEMBER 18th 2017



Welcome to Metaltitans, we are here with Jon Koldo Tera “Jonkol”, vocalist and keyboardist of Folk / Pagan Metal band INCURSED. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

Interview By: Metal Mom

1. Tell us how you came to name the band Incursed? What kind of inspiration did you have?

The name INCURSED arose when Narot and Sergio, the ones who had the idea for the band, wanted a name related with curses, and came up with CURSED, but lots of bands about that existed already. So, they added the “in” prefix to the name, and… voilà! INCURSED was born.

2. What made you decide to do a folk/pagan metal over other genres?

At that time, we were interested in Norse mythology and bands like Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Immortal, Moonsorrow… and we still are, indeed! That’s why we chose this genre above others, besides that there were few bands in Spain playing this style and we wanted to do something different.

3. Can you tell us how each of the members came to be in the band?

Jon Koldo Tera "Jonkol" - Vocals and keyboards:

After Narot and Sergio moved to Bilbao, they met Jonkol, who was a keyboard player and took that role at the time. But after some rehearsals he discovered that could handle vocals to, so he started singing backing vocals along with Narot. As years went by, his vocals appeared more often, and nowadays sings both harsh and clean vocals.

Asier Amo "Amo" – Drums:

Amo was the first and only drummer in the band. Jonkol and Amo joined the band practically at the same time, after frequently meeting while hanging out in Bilbao. He and Jonkol are the only members in the band ever since, while the rest left at some point in time.

Lander Lourido - Vocals and guitar:

Lander entered the band after Narot left it in 2016, so Jonkol had to take the role of Narot and perform all the main harsh vocals. Lander is a pretty good clean singer, so he’s taken the role of clean vocals too when playing live. He’s also a lead guitarist now, since Asier Fernandez left the band recently.

Mikel Llona – Bass:

Mikel entered the band the same time Lander did, taking Juan Sampedro’s role in playing bass, who had departed with Narot.

4. How old were you when you decided to be involved in the music industry?

Most of us have been playing instruments since we were teenagers and have progressively entered the music industry little by little, throughout the years. But we decided it as a band before the recording our first studio album Fimbulwinter in 2012. Then we took the decision of work seriously on this… But not too much. We had 21 or 22 years old.

5. Did you have anyone that inspired you?

Well, every music we’ve listened to through the years becomes inspiration, mostly ever in an unconscious manner. But there are many bands that have influenced us, for example: MOONSORROW, INSOMNIUM, VINTERSÖRG, EQUILIBRIUM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SCAR SYMMETRY, KEEP OF KALESSIN…

6. Your newest album is “The Slavic Covenant”, it has been released already, how has it done so far?

The Slavic Covenant was released more or less 4 months ago, and has worked as a prelude for our last full-length album, entitled Amalur. It worked well and has received nice reviews and feedback, but it’s necessary to bear in mind that it was just an advance, not a full album.

Amalur was released in September 25th after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and has received great feedback from the media. It has reached lots of countries throughout the world, and been distributed in Japan by S.A. MUSIC.

7. How many songs are on the album?

The album has 12 tracks, the first one being an instrumental intro, but played with drums, guitars, keyboards… it’s not the typical orchestral intro. The last one is also a bonus track the added in the last moment, because we were so happy about the crowdfunding campaign.

8. Where did you get the ideas for writing the lyrics?

The ideas come from many things in daily life, feelings, events… but extrapolated in a certain way to make up stories, or fit them in themes we speak about: mythology, fiction stories, and so on… we use to make metaphoric arrangements to talk about things we want to criticize or praise, but you will never notice! *evil laughter*

9. Do you have a personal favourite on the album, and if so, why that one?

There are many songs in the album we like a lot, but if we had to choose one, we would choose Amalur: it is sung in Basque, an ancient language and of unknown origin, and the atmosphere of the song is unique and magical. It could be a suitable candidate.

10. Very unique album cover, who did the artwork for it?

Adolfo Cantoya from did the artwork. He catches the true vision that we had for this album quickly, so, our impressions about the cover couldn’t be better. He’s a genius!

11. Did you give the artists some ideas to work with?

We explained some of the stories and messages within the lyrics, but the general topic that is Amalur (main goddess in Basque mythology, which literally means “mother earth”) was flawlessly represented in the artwork.

12. Tell us something about the band that we might not know about.

There are lots of things you don’t know about, for sure… for example, Amo doesn’t like cheese, but he can devour pizza without trouble. He loves to contradict himself. Isn’t that something eerie?

Jonkol can’t play a show without a beer by his side, and drinking two Monsters. Lander, if he has a good day, can eat two ribs fully and still be hungry. Mikel always wants chocolate shake if we go to a bar… he’s obviously cursed for that, besides from being left-handed and a redhead.

As for the band, as a whole...we are very serious with our music, albums and gigs… despite being total jerks whenever we are able to. Laughter is a great therapy whenever it’s possible to be applied!

We almost forget it! All of us pee a lot before a show. A LOT. Like three times each one in the last five minutes. There are a lot of toilet fights.

13. Have you toured in support of the album?  If so, how did it go?

We are now working on that and have already 7-8 shows confirmed throughout Spain, and working on some more in our country and abroad. Let’s keep on working to be able to confirm a lot more!

We are starting on December 2nd in Burgos, a city we’ve never played at. We are very excited!

14. What do you hope that people get from your music?

We like to play extreme, melodic, fast-paced music while making catchy lyrics and melodies. Besides from that, we mix a variety of styles (folk, pagan, power, death, even black bits of metal…) and influences, so you can expect very different songs from us in the same album, but they still have that essence that makes you say: well, this certainly sounds like INCURSED.

15. Are any of the band members in other bands?

Nowadays, Amo is also playing in a band called HEX (doom/death metal), and Jonkol is playing in ORION CHILD (dark power metal) and VHÄLDEMAR (heavy/power metal). The rest of the members have also been in other bands the last years, so, no one is precisely a noob here!

16. Where do you hope to be in say... 5 years?

We would like to continue established with the same lineup, growing and releasing new albums and playing in bigger and more festivals. Let’s hope so! 2022 would be the year where Incursed would turn 15 years old… will we see that day?

17. Is there anything you would like to add to the interview?

We would like to thank Metaltitans for the chance to do this interview, to all the readers out there, and all the people that listen to and support our music, for that is the main reason we are still here making music.

And if you haven’t listened to us, it’s very easy: go to and listen to our music for free (also on Spotify, Google/Amazon Music, iTunes…) and buy our albums to support us, if you like what we play!


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.