MAY 28th 2017

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here Nathan James of “Inglorious” who are about to release their new album on May 12, "II" through Frontiers Music Srl.

1. The new album is titled "II" how did you come to name it that?

A lot of great bands did it. It’s simple and it’s also double of I...haha and we think this album is really great.

2. You can hear the inspirations in your music (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and many more), tell us have you ever been to one of their concerts?

Never seen Zep as we are all a bit young. I’ve seen Purple 3 times. My favourite time was when I was on the same festival as them called "Guitar en scene" near Geneva. I met them all backstage. It was amazing. My other big influence is Whitesnake and I’ve seen them loads of times, best being last year when we played the same day as them at Ramblin man fair in the UK. Also, had the pleasure of working with quite a few Whitesnake guitarists...who are all awesome.

3. You formed not that long ago 2014, did you find it difficult to gather the musicians with like minds to come together and form the music you wanted?

Yes. I was so lucky to find such great players.

They have all practiced a lot and are also not just musicians...they are great song writers too. The guys are also lovely people and we all get on great as friends.

4. Tell us what it is like to have all the musicians in one room at the same time recording? That isn’t normally how it is done right?

It’s great. You can feel it so much more when the kick drum is in the room and you can look into people’s eyes and almost conduct each other. That way you get the same energy we get on stage.

5. What made you decide to do it this way?

We don’t hide anything and we don’t like to waste time. It’s very quick this way and it’s the energy we capture is pretty awesome and it’s never the same twice.

6. So tell us what we can expect to hear on your album “II”?

Big riffs. Big choruses. Soulful bluesy melodies. Melodic guitar solos and true and honest production and performance and one hell of a mix.

7. Who designed the album cover, and where did the inspiration come from?

The girl on the cover represents a few characters from a few of the songs on the album. I came up with the idea and it was shot by photographer Nedim Nazerali and pieced together by artist Paul tippet who has designed albums for Europe and Black Star Riders to name a few.

8. I know when I ask this question, I get the answer I like the whole album, but do you yourself have a favourite? And if so, which one and why.

Faraway. It’s totally different to anything else we’ve done before. I wrote it about my grandad and it’s very personal to me. I love the way it builds and I really like Andreas' solo.

9. How did you manage to record in just one go at Parr Street Studios?

We do long days from 10am til 10pm and with everyone tracking live it takes a maximum of about an hour per song to get the rhythm track down. Also, the engineer is a genius.

10. You wrote the whole album yourselves this time around, is that because you are all so well-tuned to each other?

Yeh. It felt so easy and so comfortable. I was really enjoying the tunes and we wrote about 30 ideas before selecting the ones for the album.

11. After the release of this album will you be doing a tour to support? I know you have a few festivals dates, but anything more than that?

Yes. A full UK tour later in the year which we are very excited about. Can’t wait to play a long set of our own material! Also, looking at America and Europe again...

12. So you were inspired by Whitesnake, Deep Purple and the likes, did you listen to this music as you grew up because your parents listened to it?

I listened to it cos I liked the voices. I was obsessed with the human voice and I discovered Glenn Hughes first. Then in turn found Purple etc. I wanted to sing as high as those guys. 

13. What was the first concert you attended?

Oh god...something terrible that I won’t admit here.

14. How has being in Inglorious affected your life? 

It’s awesome I am so happy and content and to know people dig our music, it is just amazing. I feel lucky every day. It is what I am supposed to be doing and it has made me very confident that this is what I will do for the rest of my life.

15. Would you ever change it?

Not a chance. I love it.