FEBRUARY 24th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

PHOTO GALLERY: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/inquisitional-tourture-2016/

Before I start this review I have two very serious complaints, first, why were doors opened at “8pm“ (but really opened at 8:15pm), Ne Obliviscaris was on at 8:25, and not everyone was inside the venue for the start of their set. A lot of people didn’t get in on time to see this band, and it was the one band they came to see, even a photographer didn’t get in until the last 30 seconds of their song. When you know the amount of people that have bought tickets, then you adjust times to accommodate all the paying fans, so they don’t miss out. I was lucky, I was there super early. Bet there was not any refunds to offset this error. 

Second, you have female workers in the venue, please, during the night, have someone check the washrooms, and make sure there is Toilet Paper, I was lucky once again, as I always have Kleenex in my pocket, but others probably not that lucky. All the stalls were empty, the towels to dry hands were empty. Have never had this happen before at the Rickshaw. It really doesn’t take much time to check and keep everyone in a happy mood.

Now onto the review, by the way, I especially liked that it was “just the touring bands” this time around, and no offence given to them, but no locals means the night won't be ridiculously long. First up tonight is a band that I was really looking forward to, I had heard so many great things about them, but I always like to judge for myself. The band is “Ne Obliviscaris” , a six piece progressive/ extreme/ melodic metal band from Melbourne, Australia, and this was their first time in Canada, and Vancouver was the first to witness first hand what they are all about. Watching them play you see that they use a variety of instruments, the regular, guitars, drums, but add a violin and have two different styles of vocalists, one clean and the other extreme. Their sound is metal based but with some boundary pushing approaches to jazz, rock and so much more. I really am amazed at just how unique and epic their sound is, they are a young band, but obviously they have some real talent and put it together to give us something really unique and memorable. I now have a band that I will follow, and also make sure to see whenever they come here or close by. Please, if you get the chance, make sure you are there early and catch Ne Obliviscaris perform, they really are spectacular, extraordinary, awe-inspiring, I think you get the idea, DON’T MISS THEM. I will also say, they stole the show completely from the other two bands, hands down. The name “Ne Obliviscaris” means "forget not”, and for all those that saw them tonight, I doubt any of us will forget them any time soon.

Next up is Butcher Babies, I have seen them once before, a ton load of energy, got the crowd psyched up for sure. Crazy moshers. And of course who is standing mostly in front is the male population of Vancouver, ;) Dress code is a little skimpy here, but that doesn’t deter from their ability to sing and do a good job. There was a bit of a scuffle from what I heard, I had to leave for a few minutes, and when I came back I was told that Carla had gone into the crowd but that some idiot had grabbed her, and well Carla can take care of herself and punched the girl, come on, fans, we all know you don’t touch the band members, so the girl got what she deserved. At least that is what I was told. But they had a variety of songs, and everyone was really enjoying themselves.

Cradle of Filth, probably the second band I ever listened to was here and no way was I missing it. The last time they were here in Vancouver was at the Commodore Ballroom, but their set was cut short due to Dani not feeling well. So was hoping when they returned it would be at the Commodore again, I would have preferred it, if only for the lighting. Dani has some great outfits, face paint, and when it is dark, you don’t get a chance to really appreciate that. They truly are one of the most influential British bands out there, and have made their mark commanding your attention now for nearly a quarter of a century. They played a wide range of songs, from old to new, I much preferred the older songs, as it’s what I first heard and appreciated, but you just can’t go wrong with what Cradle gives you.  My favourite of all time of theirs is “Her Ghost in The Fog”, and they played it, whoohoooo!! Much to my satisfaction. They put on an amazing show as always. Everyone was standing, horns raised, cheering. After all we here in Vancouver are use to the Rickshaw, but I don’t think the band was too happy about it, they mentioned it a few times. I can totally understand that, after all, you can’t compare the two venues. But it was a good turn out just the same to see Cradle of Filth. I did stand at the back of the venue, where you truly get much more appreciation of their sound. Up front its too loud and dark, but at the back the sound is much better and visually it was much better.

If you get the chance, my advice, DO NOT MISS THIS,  here are remaining tour dates:

2/28 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Cabooze
2/29 - Ringle, WI @ The Q & Z Expo Center
3/02 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's
3/03 - Cleveland. OH @ House of Blues
3/05 - Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrew's Hall
3/06 - Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
3/07 - Montreal, QC @ Corona Theater
3/08 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall