AUGUST 23rd 2015

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


First off, I am going to be truthful here, I really didn’t want to attend this show, wasn’t in the mood, and sometimes that can really mess up a review, but I knew this had to be done, so I went. Well I can tell you, this show wasn’t long enough, I thoroughly enjoyed each band and could have stood there much longer enjoying myself.

Opening band “PYRAMIDION” is without a doubt a band you should check out the next time they play. They are based out of Vancouver, and a nice surprise for me, a really fantastic sound, and great choice for opener tonight. If you haven’t heard them before they are an ancient Egyptian themed Death Metal band, but much more than that. Vocals, guitars, bass and drums all fit together so well to give us a great start to the night. Also, a first for me to witness, the floor was packed, yes, that is right, for an opener, so you know that they are good. So next time you see that Pyramidion is playing, please get to the show and check them out, you will not regret it, and you will have another band that is a must see.

Next up is OMNIUM GATHERUM, who last year couldn’t make Vancouver because of a snow storm. The bands’ style is best known for playing pure northern death metal with impressive melodies and song writing that is based on exceptional intellect. More along the lines of heavy and aggressive but adding a touch of prog rock, you can’t go wrong with that combination, I do not care what you call it, they kicked ass here in Vancouver. It is really great to hear a band for the first time, yes I know, where have I been, and discover such a talent that you know you will be there again and again to watch them play. Whatever you do, don’t miss Omnium Gatherum as they come through your cities.

There was an announcement made early August that there would be a replacement for INSOMNIUM Niilo Sevänen, because sadly serious illness has taken place in Niilo's close family. Due to this, Niilo couldn’t leave his family to do the upcoming USA tour, after all family is the most important, and always come first. As fans, yes we were sad to read this, but we totally understood and wished him and his family all the best. So they looked for a replacement and they found him in Mike Bear (Prototype, Artisan), he stepped in to cover this tour on bass and growling. Another announcement was that Nick Cordle, an extremely talented guitarist was standing in for Ville. If you think for one minute that it changed the dynamics of this band and what they were capable of, you would have been way off. They covered a song from every album to perfection, and really gave the Vancouver crowd something to remember. Playing double duty here was also Omnium Gatherum/Insomniums’ Markus Vanhala, now that is an amazing feat in itself, back to back, standing at those angles, he is going to need some back work when he gets home. But all in all this band gave us everything they had and we took it.

This tour line-up was something that made for a great time and memory, to enjoy every band on the bill. I wasn’t the only one, that floor at the Red Room was filled all night, everyone having a great time, even the crazy moshers.  So like I mentioned in the beginning, I didn’t want to go to this show, but am so glad I did. Thanks to each and every band member that travelled, whether from just in town or across country, you gave Vancouver something to remember.