APRIL 19th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with IRON LAMB from Stockholm, Sweden. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.
1. How did you come up with the name "Iron Lamb", when researching the band, I found a site that says Iron Lamb is a real life superhero based out of Zoetermeer Netherlands (remote controlled robotic sheep to protect sheep from harm), are you a superhero or was there another reason for the name. LOL ;)

Hey there, Daniel Ekeroth of Iron Lamb here - with two beers in my body & a crate for the evening, I am as ready to rock as I ever will be! Superhero? Never heard of that one, but that's kind of cool I guess - we guard the galaxy! Even if I wasn't in the band yet when they came up with the name, I kind of know they wanted something slightly different. So many bands just take a "cool" word, and use as the band name. That's why we have hundreds of Demons, Hells, Slaughters etc etc. I have always thought that the best band names are the ones where a "hard" and a "soft" word are combined (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel). Iron Lamb just sounds quite odd, and I love it for that. We are the black sheep of the family...the one that broke out of the horde...hell came with us!
2.  Tell us how each of your members came to be in the band...

DF Bragman - Vocals:
Last one to join (about 2 years ago). When GRGA exited the band, I knew DF Bragman was the only choice to replace him. He simply is THE best rock n roll singer I know, and we had some wild years together in our previous black metal band Tyrant. It took some time to convince him and the band that this was the only solution, but once he took the mike we just sounded twice as good instantly. Bragman also do all of our lay out and lyrics now, so he is super important to the band.
Johan Wallin - Guitar:
Founded the band with Thomas and GRGA in early 2009. All of them had previously played in the death metal band Repugnant.
Daniel Ekeroth - Bass:
Thomas asked me to join a few months later. We had played death metal together for 5 years in Insision, and we kind of have a musical understanding of each other that is magical. Had to join!
Thomas Daun - Drums:
Formed the band with Johan and GRGA.
Jens Bäckelin - Guitar:
Joined on second guitar in 2011, due to the merit that him and Johan were part of the same bowling team! He is also a decent drummer (of Martyrdöd fame), so rehearsals can go on even if Thomas is sick nowadays!
3. What made you decide to be rock and or roll, did you have some influences ?

Even if all of us started out playing extreme metal, the best music in the world will always be basic heavy metal and punk. Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, AC/DC, The Ramones, Poison Idea and GG Allin has proved that over and over again. We kind of incorporate everything we like about raw music, and we can rock as well as roll whenever we feel like it! No rules, just rock!
4. Have you always wanted to be in a band since you were young ?

Yes, always. That is the only thing I have ever wanted to do. Nothing else. I got my first album at Christmas in 1976 at the age of 4, Kiss "Destroyer". There was no way back after that. I started to draw album covers of my imaginary bands, built guitars out of LEGO, grew my hair, bought albums for all my cash...and eventually actually started to learn how to play the guitar. My dad was a musician so we had all kinds of instruments at home, so I was lucky. Got a Squire Stratocaster for my 13th birthday, and a distortion pedal the next year. Been blasting ever since!
5. You have a new album "Fools Gold" to be released Jan. 30 by High Roller Records, what can people expect to hear with this album ?

This is an album of the kind they used to be 1976-1983: just downright rock n roll rawness, with songs that will get you up on your feet and start digging for that fool's gold! An album structured as a LP, where the songs are arranged to be played in that special order. It's an album the way they should always be...like the old days, don't you miss those times?
6. How did you come up with the name Fools Gold ?
We toyed around with some other titles, but once Fools Gold came up it stuck. It says so much about everything, how we struggle so much to get something that is just worthless...though it looks good. We are the misfits that keep on digging in that rock n roll river a long time after the goldrush, filling our bags with fools gold.
7. Do you yourself have a favourite song on the album ? And if so, which one, and why that choice ?

For once, I don't actually. This is one of the few times in my life I feel like we have accomplished a perfectly structured album, where everything fits in it’s place. I love the rocking opener "One way track", the mellow "Leave me be", the catchy "Smile now (cry later)" and the bluesy ending in "Deadend blues" just as much. To play live, I guess "Feed the fire" would be my choice though. It's such a raw piece of rock that just had to be digged out of the ground!
8. Where did the recording take place ?

The basics (drums, guitar, bass) were recorded in Studio Audiogrind in Stockholm with Linus Nirbrant (ex- A Conorous Quintet). We had recorded some there previously, and really liked the overall sound - good late 70's/early 80's vibe! The vocals and percussion were then recorded in Studio Beast in Eskilstuna, with Peter Bjärgö. Both me and Bragman used to play with Peter in Tyrant, and we kind of knew he would bring out the worst of us! When we added those two studios, the whole turned out to be greater than the parts. The album just sounds amazing!
9. Does everyone create their own sound (Johan and Jens/guitar, Thomas/drums, Daniel/bass) or it is all done, and they learn it ?

Yes, everybody is pretty uncompromising with their own sound. There are loads of pedals, sticks, amps, microphones and instruments passing through our rehearsal room in search of that perfect sound! The basic trick is just to use a good guitar, and then keep the rawness through the amps. Most important though is to know how to play, so much of the sound lies in the way you are playing. With drums and vocals especially, it will never sound good if the talent is not there!
10. Who wrote the lyrics for Fools Gold ?
DF Bragman has written most of it, and he really has the best mind for rock lyrics. A few of the older songs we decided to keep the original lyrics, made by GRGA and/or Johan. The band is made up by the collective effort of all the present and past members, so a lot of talent is on this one. GRGA has also written the music for one of the songs, and he is still in the band in spirit.
11. Was there any inspiration behind the lyrics ?

That constant search for the golden treasure in the river that is your life. The struggle to survive through the madness. The train that promise a trip out of here. That constant feeling that THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!

12. Who was the artist for the cover, and how did he come up with that idea ?  Really cool cover by the way.

As I have said before, DF Bragman do all of our artwork now. He used to work in advertising, and is just a visual genius. His style is the perfect mix between the old communist propaganda art, and that north-American pop! The goldrush behind the Iron curtain!
13. Once your album is released, do you plan on touring to support ?

We will concentrate on doing the gigs we really want to do, making each occasion special. Long tours tend to wear you down, and the shows gets generic. 4-5 days is the perfect length, and we will probably do a few of those - the US and Canada would be fantastic, we need to dig for that gold at the frontier!
14. Where would you like to tour, and with what bands, or does it not matter, you just want to get out and tour ?

We have already played just about everywhere around the world with our previous bands, now we just want to make good shows! North America would be great though, great history of fantastic rock n roll over there. A band I would love to tour with is Graveyard, a great band that would make you step up your game.
15. Did you have fun recording the album, or was it hard , long process ?

The actual recording itself was pretty fast, but everything surrounding it was chaotic. Perfecting the songs, finding the right time to record, people in the band became fathers, changing singer, finding a new rehearsal place...all sorts of things happened. In the end, I guess the struggle made the record better...though it took a long time since the last album!
16. Tell us something that people wouldn't expect to know about Iron Lamb ?
Three of us has played in two secret Swedish bands of quite some fame....the mystery, the mystery.....
17. Where do you see yourself, in let's say 5 years from now ?
Still digging for that fools gold.
18. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you, but you want people to know ?
Well, in these days of mindless Facebook-communications I am glad to say that we just opened our own old-school style HOMEPAGE! So get to www.ironlamb.se to get all the info about your new favorite band!
Also, since I am also a writer of books (Swedish Death Metal being the most known) I would like to push my US-publisher Bazillion Points: www.bazillionpoints.com. They are continuing to release the BEST books about raw music around - check 'em out!
Thank you all so much for caring about us gold diggers, come join us by the river of life!
Thank you (Tack) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.
 We wish you much success with FOOLS GOLD.

Great Swedish there! Tack själv! I sure hope we can come over to the US, so we can dig together for that fools gold! Tell the Sundin-twins hello from Niklas Lidström (my sisters pal, and quite famous hockey player...I guess...).
Daniel Ekeroth & Iron Lamb