JUNE 29th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking the Piet Sielck of German power/heavy metal band IRON SAVIOR. . Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.  You took a break for awhile, how does it feel to be back at it again and impacting the scene ?

Awesome! The comeback with The Landing was already great, but with ROTH we receive even better responses. In fact we ebtered the german album charts at position 76... the last time we hit the charts was back in 1999 with the Unification at position 79. So hellyeah, we're in a good mood about that ;-)

2.  It must be nice to be able to record and produce in your own studio, what made you decide to have your own ?

3 simple reasons:
1) I can spent as much time as I want to on my stuff without having to worry about an insane studio fee
2) it's a great solution to combine my work and my family tasks. I can do my work, quickly get my youngest daughter from school, fix some lunch and get back to work in a sec when my wife takes over after lunch  
3) besides that I have the luxury to do my songwriting in a studio, which means I can capture most of the stuff with production standards. How often have I heard the sentence “uhh.. the demo was somehow better..”. Of course it does not sound better in that case, but it had more “magic moments”. If you work on your songs and you're really on fire, you play automatically with a lot of passion. Sometimes it is not working to recall this passion again when you record it 'for real' a second time and you end up in just reproducing a maybe technically better but yet not as passionate performance.

3.  Your new album was released Feb 28, how has it been received so far ?

As mentioned above, we hit the album charts here in Germany :-). But also the media has received ROTH greatly with a lot of top scores in the reviews. So band and label are very very happy so far :-)

4.  How did you come to name the album “Rise of the Hero” ?  What was the inspiration behind it ?

Some of the songs pick up on the Iron Savoir Saga which started out on the debut album back in 1997. This time the story picks up on a character from ancient Atlantis, the so called Last Hero. Being the key figure in that story line it was quite logical to name the album after this character – as Spok would analyze – and that title for sure kicks ass big time – as Kirk would add, haha!

5.  You are the only original member now of Iron Savior, can you tell us how each of the other guys came to be in the band :

Joachim Küstner – joined 2000. When it became obvious, that Kai wouldn't have enough time for IS and that he would leave the band, Piesel joined in.

Yenz Leonhardt - joined after Condition Red for Battering Ram and Megatropolis. Yenz replaced long time member Jan-S. Eckert who left to play bass with Masterplan. Yenz departed 2011 to focus exclusively on Stormwarrior and his work as a producer.

Thomas Nack - joined 1999. After playing a show at Wacken I talked Thomas into playing drums permanently. Besides me Thomas spent the longest time with the band so far.

Jan-S. Eckert - joined 1998. Jan played bass already on the very first live show at Wacken in 1998. After Condition Red he departed to play with Masterplan. In 2011 Jan returned and left Masterplan... and so the united forces of the Iron Savior are back together again ever since.

Current line up: Jan, Piesel, Piet & Thomas

6. Who wrote the lyrics for this album, and was there any kind of motivation that helped the writer create ?

I wrote the lyrics. And yes, the deadline drawing nearer and nearer has been a hell of motivation, haha. But besides that, I do put a lot of work into my lyrics. Since I am the vocalist, I have to sing the stuff... and I have crap lyrics to sing, I cannot perform or interpret them at all... So the basis for a decent vocal performance is still the lyrics. As source of inspiration I have this Iron Savior Saga, but also contemporary themes, fantasy stuff that haunts my mind or just a feeling or mood I have.

7.  Who created the artwork for the cover ?  Did you supply the idea for it, or did the artist create something on his own ?

The artwork once again was done by Felipe Machado Franco. I provided him with the story plot and a rough sketch... but since Felipe is a huge SciFi fan as well, he picks up immediately what I have in my mind which makes him the perfect guy for me to work with. Awesome!

8.  Something unexpected on the album is a cover of Mando Diao’s “Dance With Somebody”, how did you come to choose such a song ? Does it have any special meaning for you ?

It has been quite a hit over here in europe back in 2009 and got a lot of airplay. I always liked it as a refreshingly sticking out of the top 40 standards. Originally it was meant to be the japanese bonus track, but during the production the song grew a lot on us, so we finally made it full album track, being aware that some fans may be bewildered or even disgusted by our choice... but did it anyways, haha ;-)

9.  There are 11 fantastic tracks on “Rise of the Hero”, was it easy to find 11 tracks to put on the album, did you have more, but kept it to the 11 ?

Songwriting has been a real hard nut to crack this time. The goal was to at least reach the quality of The Landing... and there is a lot of great stuff on that album. Actually this pressure was blocking me completely for a couple of weeks, where I have been just too picky and too critical with my ideas. This pressure also is the reason for the 6 month delay, because originally the release was scheduled for early October 2013... So definitely just these 11 songs for which I was fighting for hard...

10.  Do you yourself have a favourite song on this album, and if you do, why that one ?

It's really hard to say... but I guess no... I like them all... like my children ;-)

11.  Now that the album has been released, do you plan on touring to support it ?

Yes. Already a couple of gigs have been confirmed and more is in the making. But a full classic tour is rather unlikely, because we do have obligations which we cannot just leave behind for weeks. So whenever it's possible we will catch a plain or jump in the car to head out for some shows for our “Weekend Only Tour 2014” ;-).

12.  What would be a dream tour for you, places, or bands to tour with ?

A dream tour for me would be to have a bunch of friends around which is the case with my band mates already), earn money (which is mostly the case, but not enough) and have my family on board ;-) (which unfortunately is never the case).

13.  The band started in 1996, you must have seen a lot of changes since then, what changes have affected you ?

 The biggest change might be the marked being flooded with constantly increasing numbers of monthly CD releases. Yes CD's have been released also in 1996... but not as many. This insane amount of releases does irritate the fans, because it's really hard to find the rare good one among all the other stuff. So fans do refer to names they know... not necessarily because outstanding performances, but because of reliability. If somebody has 10$ he for instance spends it rather on GammaRay or Iron Savior instead of trying out something new. GammaRay and Iron Savior may not be the greatest of them all (of corps they are, haha), but both bands offer reliability and a guaranteed standard. So in a way we are benefiting from this, because we are existing for a very long time and we never delivered real crap ;-).

14.  What do you think fans would find surprising to know about you ?

That I used to have hair in a very distant past...

15.  How many hours in a day, is all about Iron Savior ?

Depends. In “songwriting-/ production mode” 8-10 hours the minimum and in the final approach 10-14 hours... but in general music/studio/band takes about 2/3rds of my time.

16.  Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview, that I might have missed asking, but you think the fans should know ?

I would like to thank all our fans for their ongoing support for so many years. Especially the warm “welcome back” we received with The Landing touched our hearts. YOU are the greatest! \m/

Thank you (Danke) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We wish you much success with your new album “Rise of the Hero”.