MARCH 31st 2019

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos: Char Tupper

The day has arrived, I have been waiting for this since the tour was announced for John 5. Previously seen his 2 Everett, Washington shows, so I knew what to expect. So let me take you through my experience.

First was VIP (who goes to John 5 and not experience this), not me, both shows I attended the VIP. Doors for this was 5:30, and we were there at 5, thinking probably not many people, but the line had started. For whatever reason, I ended up being first in line. Woo Hoo !! How exciting to turn and see that smile on John 5's face as he comes in the room. Pretty sure mine was from ear to ear. I brought a photo of the first time we meet him at Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare where we did a live interview with him. Smiles, and said, I loved those pants. :) Signed my photo, signed a poster, gave 2 Frankenstein Enamel pins and of course a chocolate Maple Leaf sucker from our own Purdys. This man is very gracious, always happy, and so very humble, then we took a photo together, which you just know I am going to treasure. Then we left, went outside to wait for doors.

It is pretty hard to wait for what's to come, and to get through two other bands in the meantime. Since I hadn't heard or knew the names, wasn't too sure what to expect. But was very impressed, John 5 picked a great combination to put on this tour of his. First up tonight was DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY. They have a catchy, rock and roll sound, and lots of great energy which transferred over to the crowd. I really enjoyed watching, and listening to these guys. It is great to find another band to enjoy, by the sounds of their music, they are here to stay. The crowd was really enjoying them as well. This was the perfect band to start off the evening with.

Next, is Jared James Nichols, yeah, I haven't heard of this band either. They were amazing too, lots of energy, especially the singer, the crowd went crazy for them, a whole lot of energy was given and taken for this band. What to expect, a little blues, and a whole lot of rock, which has you enjoying their whole set. Jared by the looks of his performance really enjoys what he does, as it should be. Another great choice for this tour. I am sure glad that I enjoyed the first two bands, otherwise it would have been a very long wait.

NOW ... who I came for. It was exciting to watch all the preperations on stage, witches, ghosts, 2 gates, I knew what to expect, something you won't soon forget, it was totally different from the last two shows in Everett.  Some people around me, it was their first experince, and boy were they in for some unbelivable showmanship. I was just screaming inside waiting. I felt like a kid at Christmas, no kidding. This show was different from my other two experiences, and do I dare say even better. The sound was flawless, and sounded amazing. If you haven't been before, there are screens on stage that show monsters, Scooby Doo, also some large towers with glowing John 5 on them, there are glow in the dark guitars filled with green liquid, actually many different guitars, all giving that unique sound that only John 5 can produce. There are some evil clowns, and some other monsters running around on stage giving us something to chuckle at, robots, a doll, you just don't expect to see this kind of production for a show. But even with all this on stage, there isn't anything that takes away from the talent of John 5, who is really an accomplished shredder. I have always said that I never expected to like that type of music, no vocals, but John 5 makes those guitars sing, in fact you don't even want to hear vocals, that guitar work is phenomenal. John 5 had the crowds attention from the time he stepped out onto the stage, until the end. Part of his performance is putting together a collage of popular songs, and the crowd goes wild, because it is all the oldies but goodies. Really, I can't do John 5 justice here, because I am actually at a loss for words. There is no one, and I mean no one to compare for his shredding, and I have seen many. The talent is unbelievable. The last song tonight, was a real pleasure, it was his new song that was being released April 1st - Midnight Mass, now prepare yourselves, this is F A S T. Perfect way to end the night, yes, I may have wished for more time. I can't forget either, that he has Ian Ross on Bass who also does a fantastic job, and Logan Nix on drums, who brings that beat to our hearts, and together they make a band that you will NOT FORGET. They played a variety of John 5's songs from his albums, but I think the newer ones probably grabbed everyones attention the most. I am just so thrilled to have been able to go and review. Mind you, it was hard to remember I was reviewing because I was so enthralled with this John 5 and The Creatures performance. Thanks so much for coming to Vancouver and we REALLY hope to see you again soon.

(John 5 and Metal Mom at VIP event)

Also, for John 5's shows you can purchase a ticket to get your photo with him 'after' the show. And guess who did that, well you know I wouldn't miss out on this photo opportunity. So, yes, me. Let me tell you something here, John 5 is very humble, polite, and very genuine. This is what makes a musician, then put the talent on top of that, just overwhelming admiration for this man.