AUGUST 1st 2017


Welcome to METALTITANS, we are here with Alex Mele of KALEDON, a band from Rome. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Tell us why you decided to put a power metal band together?

Hi there, well… the first idea was born in the middle of 1998, then after the split with my previous band, I decided to create this new project and… 20 years later we are still here ehehehh

2. How did you come up with the name Kaledon?

Kaledon is name of the realm of my fantasy story, that I wrote the year before of Kaledon’s birth…

3. You have 6 band members; can you tell us how each came to be in Kaledon...

Alex Mele (Guitars) – I am the founder member

Michele Guaitoli (Vocals) – With us since 2015 after the spilt with Marco Palazzi

Tommy Nemesio (Guitars) – He is in the band since the day 1

Paolo Campitelli (Keyboards) – With us since 2013 after the split with Daniele Fuligni

Paolo Lezziroli (Bass) – He is in the band since the day 1

Manuele Di Ascenzo (Drums) – With us since 2015 after the split with Massimiliano Santori

4. Who writes the lyrics for your songs?

Usually I wrote something like 80% of the material. In this last album, Michele wrote 2 lyrics

5. Where does the inspiration come from to write them?

It is everything related to the concept story

6. Does each member create their own music ... like Manuele creates his own drums blasts, Tommy his own guitar riffs?

Well… usually I wrote the entire song, and then I send it to the band! Of course, specially the drummer will change the drum parts as he wants. Tommy wrote an entire song for this album with Michele, and Paolo Campitelli wrote an entire song again with Michele. Everyone puts in his own idea.

7. You have a new album "Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness", released May 15th how did you come up with the name for the album?

Like I said before, it is everything related to the concept story so, Carnagus, it is the evil king of my story. The entire album it is dedicated to him… Of course, also the title.

8. First album with the new singer, and drummer, how did it go when it came to recording? Did it all fall into place smoothly?

Everything went VERY smoothy. Both are two great musicians and professional, so… for the very first time, we made the album without any kind of problem.

9. Do you yourself have a favourite among the songs? And why that one.

I like very much “the beginning of the night” … Play it live it is very cool.

10. What can people expect to hear compared to your last album "Antillius: The King of the Light" in 2014?

 …a completely different album, it is heavier and more aggressive. It is the first time that we make an album like this.

11. There is a 3-year gap, is that because you were looking for the 2 new members, or you just needed to put together your new album?

 Both… there was no hurry in all the process… we made the things with the right time and I think that it was worth it.

12. Where did you record Carnagus?

Guitars, bass and keyboards in our personals studios… drums and vocal in Michele Guaitoli’s studios (The Groove Factory)

13. Was it a smooth process recording?

Absolutely yes… very smoothy

14. How do you decide on which song to put out first in video?

 Democratic choice of the band… we spoke about it and we all chose that.

15. Who created the artwork for the new album?

 The French artist Jean Pascal Fournier.

16. Did you give the artist some idea on what you wanted, or did they create some art for you to look at?

Yes of course, I have sent to him a complete concept to follow… the final cover is the result.

17. What kind of music/musicians do you enjoy listening to when you are not working on Kaledon?

 I like a lot of bands like Queen, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and many others.

18. Did you know when you were young, that this was something you had to do, be in a band?

Mmmm no… I started to play the guitar around 18 years old… The first band was born a year later but there were no plans.

20. What was the first concert you ever attended?


 In 1995 in my school, with my very first band…

21. Will you be touring in support of your album?

We are working of that, for sure will play live in many situations.

22. Is there anything you would like to add, that I might have missed asking you?

Hope you guys will like the album, and I hope to see you soon on the road.

Alex Mele

The Evil Witch: