DECEMBER 2nd 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


Well December started off with a bang, when The Invisible Orange brought in Kamelot and Dragonforce to the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on December 2. Doors opened at 7pm and show was at 8pm. Everyone in line was anxious to get in and find their spot. Mine, was right up front, so I could get the full effect of both bands.

Demanding attention first off tonight is DRAGONFORCE, some Brits out of London, who put their own spin on Metal. My first experience seeing Dragonforce live. I was impressed. Almost a power metal sound, but fast as lightening. My arms were hurting just watching the drummer play. They had a great set, with some long and fast guitar solos. They even played a song from Johnny Cash "Burning Ring of Fire", and let me tell you, you would not have recognized the song except for those words. It was a definite spin of  metal. A lot of energy while watching their set, so much movement on stage, and a lot of smiles, which I am sure they saw too when they looked into the crowd. The crowd drew their energy from the band, and looking around the room, for those there, were thoroughly enthralled and having a great time.

Next up tonight is KAMELOT, I saw them before in Seattle, at the Showbox in October of 2012, so it has been awhile since the last time. I will tell you something though, they didn't disappoint, they cranked out their songs, old and new, to a very enthusiastic crowd, who was more than happy to see them here in Vancouver for the first time. This is a band, for me, I don't care what genre you put them into, they kick ass, and they do it with so much talent. They had an addition tonight joining Tommy on stage, her name is Kobra Paige vocalist for Kobra and the Lotus out of Alberta, and what an amazing vocalist, who accompanied Tommy perfectly. They played so many great songs, all meticulously and to the fans admiration. There was a very touching moment when Tommy dedicated a song to his grandfather who had passed before he hit the road. It really brought a lump to your throat. But then they carried on giving us all more than 100%. I knew they were good when I first saw them in Seattle, but after some time passing, you forget just how phenomenal they really are. Kamelot was the highlight for me tonight, so much variety, so much interaction between the band and the audience. The only thing I was sad to see, or not see I guess, is the amount of people in the venue, to me, this should have been packed to the roof. What a show. One that people talked about outside, and on their way to their cars. Thank you so much for coming to Vancouver, and giving us this memory.