OCTOBER 28th 2014
Review/Photos By: Char Tupper

A few nights ago I travelled down to Seattle, WA to see and photograph the one and only, KING DIAMOND and openers Jess and the Ancient Ones. Safe to say, the Moore Theatre was packed with fans from across the Northwest including Canadian fans(like myself) from Vancouver and Calgary, as well as US fans from the state of Idaho, Oregon, and from all over Washington state. This show was sold out, and it had good cause, the mighty King Diamond has returned to capture our souls and possess us all.

First, however, was Jess and the Ancient Ones, I honestly had never heard of the band before, wasn’t sure what I was “walking into.” The band originates from Kuopio of Eastern Finland, forming back in 2010. This occult rock band carries a certain vibe onstage, however, I am at a loss for words on how to review this band. Musically, I enjoyed them, very moody, almost a mix of progressive with jazz in a weird but unique way. Jess, on vocals carried herself in a manner unlike most female vocalists in this industry. I found myself wondering, “Hmm…how does her body move like that?” , but on the other hand, she had a stunning voice and she was full of energy. I do wish the other band members had a little more “presence” while playing. Putting that aside though, their set was great, and truly set the mood for a certain band who was coming up next…

It is “Time for tea”, so grab your tea *ahem* ..I mean, beer, and head down for none other than King Diamond.  Where to begin with the mighty legend , first and most importantly, this US tour was a little more special then most, the full European Festival Stage show joined King Diamond and his crew this time around to give the fans the true experience. The Moore Theatre could not have been more suiting or more perfect for King Diamond to perform. Sound here at the venue was beyond amazing. King Diamond played a lot of variety of songs, from “Welcome Home”, “The Family Ghost”, even some classic Mercyful Fate songs. The crowd went absolutely nuts for every song, which was fun to see.  The stage theatrics were great with Grandma (alongside her demise with the doctor and reverend ) backdrop changes, lighting, upside down crosses, the whole visual experience, I was speechless.  One of the best I have seen at a concert in a long time. King Diamond I have to say also, his voice, holy crap! His voice is beyond amazing, back in 2010, he ended up having triple by-pass surgery due to a heavy smoking habit and blockages in his arteries, but of course the surgery was a success, and his voice sounds better then ever. The man can sing, and to be able to sound like your records, after surgery, and countless years of smoking previous to that, let me say “WOW”. King Diamond and his bandmates are all remarkable musicians full of charisma and character, great performance and presence.

The show started out a little slow, but grew to so much more later in the evening.  Sad to say, there is always a “downer” in the crowds. During King Diamond’s performance, there were fights that broke out, do I dare say “too much booze”? Who knows, luckily I didn’t get in the way, but some of those fights came too close for comfort. Lets just say that security needs to step up their game, or act with more urgency, or even more security needs to be hired. That little “hiccup” aside, the show overall was beyond amazing and hope to see King Diamond again whether its whenever I decide to cross an ocean onto European soil, or here on home turf, I will happily be travelling far to see King Diamond.