DECEMBER 18th 2017



Metaltitans interviews bassist Daniel and drummer Lukas of Italian thrash metallers KINGS WILL FALL. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

Interview By: Metal Mom

1. I read that you started the band in 2013, what did you do before that, were you in a different band, or doing something else?

Daniel: Thanks for having us. We appreciate that.

None of us had a band before. We all started nearly from zero. Me and our drummer Lukas were jamming together sometimes before.

2. How did you decide on the band name Kings Will Fall? What did that name mean to you?

Daniel: It doesn't really mean something special to us.

We were playing and writing songs together, so the whole band thing began to start. Obviously, we had to find a band name. We were sitting together, having some beers, to find a band name. With a few proposals we created that one. Nothing special with a bigger meaning

3. Do you get a good reception in Italy being a thrash band?

Daniel: Generally, it's very hard for new Metal bands in Italy. The underground scene is very small. So, we are looking to become more famous in the north, from where we live.

4. Because you are still fairly new in the industry, tell us what has been the best part of being in Kings Will Fall for you so far?

Daniel: For me personally the best part I think was to finish and record our first full length album 'Thrash Force.One'.

Lukas: For me is it just to be together with my bandmates, drinking some beer and have some fun.

5. Tell us how each of your members came to be in the band?

Lukas: I asked our bassist Daniel back in 2011 if we should try to start a band together. He agreed immediately and started to search a guitarist. A friend of us joined and we were jamming together for several months without making some progress.

In 2013 we wanted more than just jamming and looked for a guitarist and vocalist.

We found in Rene a well-fitting guitar player and a few months later our vocalist Fabian. That is still our current line-up.

6. Who creates the lyrics for your music?

Lukas: All of the lyrics were written by me.

7. When did you know that being in a band was something you really wanted to do?

Daniel: I never really wanted to. We just did what we loved and so the whole thing began to become bigger and bigger.

8. How do your parents react to you being in a band?

Daniel: Haha. I had 27 years when I started to be in the band, so parents didn't have to say much about this. Of course, they're supporting everything i try to do with the band.

9. If you could tour anywhere, and not worry about the cost, what is the one place you would love to play?

Daniel: For me definitely I’d like to tour in the USA.

Lukas: Also, South America would be great for me.

10. Do you have band(s), that you would like to tour with?

Daniel: For the reason that Motörhead isn't available anymore, I would like to tour with any great Thrash Metal band.

Lukas: There are many bands I’d like to tour with, but yes, any great Thrash Metal band would be fine.

11. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to when you are not working on Kings Will Fall?

 Daniel: Thrash, Heavy, Hard Rock and even more Thrash

12. It is a very hard life being in a band, would you change any of it?

Daniel: No, at least not at the moment. We're enjoying every moment we have with the band and on tour, even if we have families and a regular work to do.

13. Who is an inspiration to you?

Daniel: Lemmy!! Nothing to add.

Lukas: For drumming and songwriting definitely The Rev.

But there are also so many other great musicians, which are important for my inspiration.

14. Tell us what to expect if we were attending one of your shows?

Daniel: A neck breaking, fast Thrash Metal, combined with lots of energy.

15. Some people may not know the band name, what would you say best describes you?

Daniel: We're always in a good mood. We just want to have some fun, a great time together and everyone is welcome to have some beers with us.

In the name of Kings Will Fall we would like to thank everyone for reading this. Check out our social media, listen to our music and leave some comments. Would be great if you support us. Thrash on \m/