DECEMBER 5th 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with Hannes Braun, vocalist for Kissin’ Dynamite, the swabian sleaze mezal commando from Germany. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.
1. How did you come up with the name for the band, I know Kissin’ Dynamite is a song from AC/DC .

Back in 2006 our lineup changed and it felt just comfortable and perfect. So we knew that we were gonna change our name. It was somehow like a new band was born.
We sat together hours and hours, but nothing really good would come to our minds. And suddenly Andi´s cell phone rang... Guess what :-) The ring tone was "Kissin´Dynamite" by AC/DC! And we knew, that this is just perfect!
2.  I know the band started out as a school band, did you play the same metal/rock then as you do now ?

No, in the beginning we started even with instrumental blues. Because this is the first tone material you learn when you take guitar lessons! :-) That´s why our first band was called "The Blues Kids". We experienced more rock and metal music over the years which we liked so much, so our style slowly changed.
3. Tell us how each of your members came to be in the band….
Johannes (Hannes) Brown: I am founder
Ande Brown: Also founder
Jim Mueller: He was formerly part of an other band called "Mad Flash" which were about to break up. So we introduced ourselves to him. He was like "HELL YEAH"!
Steffen Haile: We needed a bass player after I was fed up playing bass notes on my keyboard in the Blues Kids area... So we got Steffen.
Andi Schnitzer: He was also part of "Mad Flash" and was as enthusiastic as Jim to join the band!
4. Why did you choose to play heavy glam metal compared to other genres ? You do it extremely well by the way.

It was an organic development - We’ve gone through so much styles and stuff (as I mentioned with Blues for example). We kind of felt home playing what we play now.
Whatever you wanna call it. Of course our 80´s influences were caused by our parents listening to bands like Scorpions, AC/DC, Metallica etc. And we liked that music too!
5. You have had some high praise from the likes of Michael Starr/Satchel (Steel Panther), and Tommy Lee (Motley Crue),that is impressive, how do you feel when such big names give you great feedback ?

It´s really awesome!!! I mean Tommy Lee for example is one of our childhood heroes ever since! You can imagine how good it feels when your idol gives you overwhelming feedback!
6. Do you think that being played on the radio has helped you guys in your career ?

Oh yes! I mean, it´s hard for a metal/rock band nowadays to be on the radio. But in fact, it opened us a lot of doors... Bigger fanbase causes bigger venues - Bigger venues means better food :-)
7. What can people expect on this album ?

They can expect really great songs with huge hooklines! A music that is refreshingly new and energetic but still rooted in traditional heavy metal. A bridge you could say from 1986 to 2014!
8.  Who wrote the lyrics, and is there some inspiration behind writing them ?

It is Andi our Drummer. But we work together when it comes to the song titles/slogans.
Inspiration comes from everywhere. The only thing is: If it kicks in you immediately have to start working on it!
9.  You have 10 songs on the album, do you personally have a favourite one, and why ?

That’s always a hard decision because all of them are our creative property.
But in fact for our musical change I would mention fireflies as one of my favourites because it´s about being brave to start something new. You leave everything behind that’s old and boring.

10. Who designed the album cover ?

We had the idea and told our graphic designer how he should do it.
We wanted to keep it simple but still effective!
11. Why did you barricade yourselves in the studio in Flensburg for a couple of weeks to write, do you need to get into a mindset to write or just no distractions ?

This is the place where I really feel the most creative! And it always was. When I step inside the doors of Elephant Music studios something magical happens. Can’t really explain it. But I feel home and I can write hits there! :-)
12. I read that you have your own complete definition of musical zeitgeist, explain that ?

Well if you think about the music history actually one question comes to your mind:
Why could this band be so successful? And there are 2 easy ways to explain.
Either a band created something mind-blowing new mixing up old styles to their own identity or it was just the zeitgeist that kicked in! For example Nirvana with their rough grunge sound was the clearest answer to all this glamour rock like Europe, Poison etc.
People were just bored by another glam rock band. They needed right the opposite now! And this is the point: Musical zeitgeist is never a thing that changes only a bit.
it´s always the extreme opposite way!
13. Your dream was to form a band and conquer the world, are you conquering it  ?

Well, not the whole world already! :-) But we were touring complete Europe + Japan, so I guess we are on the right way!
14.  “Steel of Swabia” (2008), “Addicted to Metal” (2010) and “Money, Sex & Power” (2012), are your previous albums, and now you have “Megalomania“, do you see your fan base grow with each album ?

I would say so yes! Our chart entries have always become better over the albums. Megalomania was the best with position #17 in Germany. And that just shows that the fan base is really growing. We can also see it live - We play bigger venues and more and more people would come.
15. How did you come up with the name for this album - Megalomania, which was released via AFM Records in North America September 30th, does it have meaning to you ? I looked it up in the dictionary to find the meaning and it said “Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem.” Is this what it means to you ?

Megalomania is just obvious as a title! As I said we wanted to start something new, something mind-blowing with this album. We wrote the best songs of our carreer and we have always had a little ironic sense. So Megalomania shows that we created something ultimate!
16. Now that your new album is out, do you plan on touring in support ?

Not in Europe. We are currently on tour as a headliner in Europe. And we gonna go back to Japan again next year probably.
When it comes to the rest of the world: I don´t know what happens next... I mean if a cool band offers us a support slot touring North America, we wouldn’t say NO :-)
17.  Do you have plans to come over to North America ?

We absolutely wanna go there. But it´s difficult. We first need to find a promoter who believes in the band enough to take the financial risk to bring us over to the US and Canada. It definitely WILL happen. The question is WHEN...
18. Your video DNA is out for everyone to enjoy, where was this filmed ?  Did you need to have permission to film on that lookout ?

Yes we had to rent it for a day. This is in Germany located at the wonderful "Biggesee", a beautiful lake.
That was also a logical conclusion when it comes to the title MEGALOMANIA again.
That lookout looks massive and huge!
19.  Do you have anything you would like to add, that I may have missed asking you but you would like the fans to know about KISSIN’ DYNAMITE ?

I wanna thank all the fans out there in Canada for listening Kissin´Dynamite! Have a little patience - we try hard to find a way to come touring across the pond! :-)
Thank you (Danke) for taking the time to do this interview with us at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success on Megalomania.