SEPTEMBER 1st 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with the young rock band ‘KISSIN’ DYNAMITE’ from Baden-Württemberg returning with their 5th studio album GENERATION GOODBYE in the summer of 2016.

1. Why did you choose to write songs that represent breakup and new starts ? Did you all have stories in your lives to pull from ?

Anyhow, it was a topic that revealed itself on so many levels during the time of writing new material, so we just had to write songs about it. At first, we noticed that our society and especially our generation is anyhow getting more and more nervous and uncertain about life in general. To be burned out is almost normal, although you could think that we'd must live in paradise with all our wealth and technology. So, it's obvious that the problem lies in the inside, in the heads of the people. They get addicted to the big offer and just get lost in it. So, there's a consciousness needed for how much is enough, enough of whatever: work, social media, greed for money, greed for power, ... That's often still missing and we just invite the people to say goodbye to these addictions and say hello to really enjoying your life without the feeling of lack. So, actually, it's a great relief and a positive message. For me, it's like the feeling of great peace and arrival after having beaten the final boss of a big video game that you have played for weeks. :-)

I guess, it was just the moment in our lives when we were really conscious about these things and so we also had the urge to write about it.

Breakup and new beginning also happens in the rock world I guess. Slowly but certainly, all the old big dinosaurs, who are still headlining all the big festivals, quit. So there's also some winds of change blowing, solely because of the wheels of time.

2. I would love it if they banned cell phones at concerts, they really get in the way of enjoying the shows, even when the artist asks to put away for one song, so everyone can enjoy the show, people don’t. I understand a photo or two, but with everyone’s hands in the air, it blocks the band. Do you think you would ever completely ban cell phones in the audience at your shows ?

No, we won't ban them, because we don't want an unsatisfied audience. Everyone needs to understand it for himself and should leave it off voluntarily. That's real learning. By the way: In my opinion, there's no difference to laws in general.

3. Do you think yourself that there are just too many bands out there today, no one seems to really have favourites in this day and age, they are not true followers, they switch back and forth, what is your opinion ?

Of course, there are a lot more bands than back in the days. But this doesn't mean that there are a lot more good bands. Today, everybody can record anything that doesn't sound bad, but it doesn't mean that he'll be the next Hendrix. So in terms of that, I guess that really good bands, bands with a unique sound, with a great aura, will always meet success. It's a logical universal principle.

But where I see potential for improvement is on the side of the listeners. As you said: There are less true followers, they switch back and forth. I think, that's because no one really listens to music anymore. Often it's a background noise, just to avoid an unpleasant silence. Bur for me, consuming music is to watch the pictures and videos, read the lyrics, really get into it, knowing background stuff. That's being a fan. But of course, it's not easier for the listeners if there is an offer of bands that's 10 times bigger than it was in the earlier days. Anyway, only being conscious about it will help. And the benefit will be a much more intense experience with music.

4. Love the album cover, good representation of today’s world, who did the artwork and did you give the artists some ideas to work with ?

It was a guy named Stan W. Decker from France. He's got a glam metal band himself I guess and he did a real great job.

Yes, at first we discussed, how the artwork should look like. It was obvious to take a smartphone, because it's the symbol of our generation and it's a great example for something new in technology that promises heaven but also can bring you hell. Anyway, after we had the picture in our heads, we spoke with Stan and he came up with this great cover. After changing some details a few times, we had it.

5. Do you have a favourite song on the album, if so, why that one ?

I personally would have to pick the first or the last one. Generation Goodbye itself, because the basic theme of the album doesn't just relate to a concrete topic like social media or a relationship, but just relates to the whole society and the whole world. Additionally, it's just a great hymn and I like hymns.

Utopia, because it's a great hymn as well and I'm proud of it because it's our first little epic track with more than 6 minutes. Music and lyrics go together quite well here. It's got some Spanish vibe to it and correspondingly I thought up a story about the tragic life of a torrero.

6. In your opinion what do you think has been the most harmful to the bands in the past few years ?

On the one hand the listeners who have partly unlearned to value what artists do and on the other hand some bands who think that it's all about your craft, but forget that the stones and Jim Morrison and guns n roses weren’t as successful because they could play so well but because there was a magic charisma in the air. I have to say that I often miss that nowadays.

Maybe, someone would also have mentioned the record labels, but I think, a label alone is never the main reason for success or no success.

7. Will you be touring in support of your album ?  Do you have plans yet?

Yes, in October, November and December, we will have a tour all over Europe and in spring 2017 there will be another leg. 

8. What has been the best experience for you being in Kissin’ Dynamite so far ?

Of course, it's great in general and you have to appreciate every moment, but there were some highlights like the week in Japan in 2013. I think it was the week in my life where I slept least ;-)

Another thing was a support show for Slash and Mötley Crüe in Bamberg. We actually had tickets for this show and wanted to go and see it as regular guests, but one day before, we got a call that we're the support now, because the actual support band couldn't do it that day. So we sold our tickets in front of the all and even made some money :-)

9. Being in a band doesn’t leave much free time, I was wondering if you get the chance to go see any of your favourite artists ?

You're right, but being in a band also means to have connections and being able to get on guest lists. And of course, if we've got time, we also make use of it. A few weeks ago, Jim and me went to see Iron Maiden and were like some 12-year-old schools boys again.

10. Who was an inspiration to you to lead you into the band life ?

Everyone has got his own inspirations, but for me it began with AC/DC, then Iron Maiden and later Guns N' Roses. I remember rifling the attic of my father where all his old vinyl’s lay. I was always scared most of the Killers – Cover of Iron Maiden, but of course it also was the most fascinating.

And then there was this magic concert of AC/DC in 2001, when I was 11 years old and went to see them with my parents. After this, I said: That's what I must do.

11. Do you ever regret it, during all the hard work ?

I would have regretted it if I had become a banker or whatever. Of course, you've got your duties, but if you love what you do, nothing needs to be hard work. For me, the hardest work is if I have to do things I don't wanna do.

12. If you could not be in a band for whatever reason, what do you think you would choose to do?

Maybe I was a masseur or something in this direction. The main thing would be to work with a good and relaxed atmosphere.

13. Was it a long process from writing the songs to the end product ?

I think, all in all, it took one and a half years, which is quite a long time. But for us it was important that we didn't want the get into pressure of time to make sure that the best possible result would come out. That's why we started quite early. Like that we could write and record with a relaxed pace.

14. Was it a smooth journey, or some rough spots along the way ?

As I said before, we really focused on make it a smooth journey and avoid stress. Like that, you can really get into it and take your time and just get the best out of you. Of course, we never lazed about, but we also never rushed around.

 15. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you want people to know ?

If you like our music, don't be scared to buy our new album “Generation Goodbye“, I can recommend it, there's even some sense and some message to it. ;-) If you've got the opportunity to see us live, we'd welcome you and rock the shit out of you, promised.

And one tip: Switch off your mobile phone for just one day and see what happens ;-) Carpe Diem Baby!

Thank you so much for letting Metaltitans do this interview with you, and we wish you much success with your new album “Generation Goodbye”.

Thank you as well! Have a nice day, it was a pleasure.

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