JUNE 11th 2015

Review by: Richard Steven Hensey
Photos by: Peter Ruttan

Photos: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/kobra-and-the-lotus/

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada female-fronted Kobra and the Lotus are a traditional heavy metal band that started in 2009. Kobra Paige and the band who are signed to Titan Music hit the Red Room in Vancouver BC as this would be the groups second visit to the pacific northwest. Paige who was outfitted in black leather, silver face paint and blonde dreads stepped onstage and belted out 45 minutes of pure heavy metal music. Lotus unleashed a 45-minute set and fans head-banged to “Hold On”, “I Am, I Am”, “Welcome To My Funeral”,. They also cover a April Wine classic “Sign of the Gypsy Queen” before concluding with the high octane title track from ‘High Priestess,’ “50 Shades Of Evil”.” Paige is a epic power-metal vocalist and her sound was excellent, especially with the power and volume being hammered out in the small the club.

The main thing that will draw any music lover to this band are the blazing guitars, because there is a very high degree of skill required to play what those guys do. I was so blown away by the fans here tonight as well, never, ever have I seen such devotion to a band, especially in Vancouver. Kobra and the Lotus were rightly awarded with a well deserved big cheer at the close of there set and i hope they come back again. Be sure to catch them when they swing into your town.