MARCH 3rd, 2014

Review By: YouFO

Haven’t heard of this band, they are a Vancouver based band, that has been creating and doing shows for awhile now. They previously had a self titled demo, and now they are here with their first debut album. Take a chance, give it a listen. What you are going to get here is a mixture of different styles, which encompasses black, progressive, melodic with some added Death Metal, giving it their own unique flare.

Back in 2008 Luke Kaea founded the band as his own, but after many shows locally they seem to be growing. The lyrics are more along the lines of enlightenment, supernatural, and the connections between all that is in the universe. There is a guest on this album, Omega Crom’s Johnny Ketlo, giving the album a little more driving power. There are some horns in the air riffs to bang along to, some pretty good solos here as well. All in all, there is something unique and definitely different for the listeners.

Track Listing:

1. This Hallowed Sleep
2. Bled Dreams
3. Giver Her Man
4. For Lilith
5. You’re Me
6. Finger Carrion
7. Ladder to Manna
8. Fate, Doom

You might find some similar sounds here to other bands, but where don’t you find some, so many bands, so many riffs, but you need to listen to each and every song, to pick out Kymatica’s discerning sound. Go ahead, give them a listen, you will find that they are unique in song and lyrics. Giving them the edge.  
The date set for online release is March 18th.

In the meantime, try this for you listening pleasure: