JUNE 1st 2016 

Review/Photos By: Char Tupper
Photo Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/lamb-of-god-guests/

Tonight was the night, time to go see and enjoy one of the legendary American metal bands, Lamb of God. Joining them on this tour is Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity. Somewhat diverse line-up, but that being said, the bands still suit the headliner. The only thing I would have changed was venue, this show wasn’t big enough for Queen Elizabeth, but too big for Commodore Ballroom. It simply needed to be put in a better venue to accommodate all ages, but with a better “layout” for fans so you can have a decent mosh pit/crowd surfing without getting “chairs” involved, especially for a lineup such as this.

First band to perform was Corrosion of Conformity, North Carolina’s hardcore metal band since 1982. This time was slightly different than previous C.O.C. performances, as Pepper Keenan (vocal/guitars) was back in the band. I’m sure having the line-up back was exciting for the hardcore fans. This particular style of music however, isn’t up my alley, that being said, I can recognize a great performance when I see it, and these guys gave a great show. They gave a certain “vibe” by the darker lighting and energy level, more along the mellow side, but true fans enjoyed it. Performance started more on the relaxed side, but eventually dwelled into a higher spirited, energetic performance driving the fans wild. If hardcore metal is your cup of tea, it is definitely worth showing up earlier to see these guys perform, it was a great live show.

Now that we have raised some spirits, time for a little Clutch to hit the stage. This Frederick- based metal/rock band have written eleven albums since their formation back in 1991, and each and every album stands out from the last, and touring in support of their last record, “Psychic Warfare”, these guys can draw quite the crowd. Now, my history with Clutch, as all my friends know, doesn’t always pan out since…I usually fall asleep (and no, not from drinking or drugs, simply because I take a “Clutch nap” to regain strength of a long day), but this time around, I managed to keep my eyes open and see a performance of the band for the first time…ever. The show was a little slow in my opinion, not a whole lot of movement or energy outside of vocalist, Neil Fallon, who is a jack of all trades who can sing, play guitar, harmonica, keyboards, you name it. However, it definitely felt like Neil carried the show in the sense of energy and enthusiasm. The rest of the band watching them, all looked like they had some help from the infamous “BC Bud” to help them chill before performing, which sadly in my opinion, I need energy and excitement to keep me going. Now, saying all this, Im sure I will hear some choice comments, but this is my opinion, and I know for myself, I wouldn’t volunteer my time for this particular band, just not enough upbeat tunes to keep me going or to prevent me from having “Clutch naps” in the future.

Time for the one and only, Virginia’s own, Lamb of God. Im sure I don’t need to tell you their history, these guys are infamous for countless reasons. Forming back in 1994 as “Burn the Priest” and later changing to their current name, these guys have had growing success, being one of the significant bands to form “New Wave American Metal”, but also touring with world-known acts like Metallica for years, performing on large festivals like Ozzfest, Download, Wacken, and countless others. Lamb of God has definitely earned their status the good old fashioned way, working hard with a hell of a lot of elbow grease. This band, from the first time I saw them before I even did photography or MetalTitans, back at Ozzfest 2004, I fell in love with the band for their undying energy and crowd interaction, and the music was unique at the time as the genre was starting to make headway. Today, the band still has that relentless energy in their performance, just on much larger stages and production then they had back in the early days. The set list had a variety from their catalogue like “Redneck”, “Walk with Me in Hell”, “Still Echoes”, “512”, “Faded Line”, and countless others. My one complaint sadly would be due to the venue selection, because their fans had no room to do their classic “Wall of Death” or mosh pits due to the theatre set up with chairs almost right to the stage.  Plus the sound quality wasn’t the best, but that is normal for this theatre, sound has never been the best here, even The Vogue would have been a much better setup. The overall Lamb of God experience was great, lots of energy and happy, sweat covered fans enjoying every minute that the guys had to offer us. If you haven’t planned to see these guys, and American Metal is your thing, go check out this tour before you miss out.