AUGUST 10th 2015

Review by: Char Tupper

What to say about Lamb of God, they are one of metal’s more influential bands in the genre. It is obvious from their latest record, “VII: Sturm und Drang”, it shows the band and how they have grown since their debut album, “New American Gospel”. It is always so refreshing to hear and see how much a band grows over the years. The amount of bands I could list that have sounded the same record after record, well, this review would be 20+ pages long. Since this review is for Richmond, VA’s own, Lamb of God and their new record, lets leap into that, shall we?

The track, “Still Echoes”, opens up the album with traditional Lamb of God guitar riffs from both Willie Adler and Mark Morton, alongside the pounding bass of John Campbell and blast beats of Chris Adler. Vocally, this song is styled like most of their previous catalogue, however, it still reaches through the speakers and grabs you, and holds you tight. The heavy hitting riffs of this CD, I eagerly await to buy, put into my car and let the song surround me as I drive down the freeway pumped with adrenaline. This track is definitely one of my favourites, but then again, 2 weeks from now, that could change, as always.

Randy’s voice throughout the album is classic “Randy” so to speak, there is no mistaking his vocal style. That being said, he has also gone to extra heights and experimentation with vocal styles of clean singing, like in “Overlord”. In my history of listening to Lamb of God, I have never heard him sing this way and I had no idea he had such diversity. Randy does an amazing job incorporating a clean, almost angelic singing voice with his devilish screams mixed behind.

“Torches” gives me an anthem kind of feel to it, yet adds a haunting feeling unlike any other. Hearing Randy talking while you hear the music slowly build behind gives the song an interesting element that stands out above the other tracks. The clean simplicity of the song adds almost a more “complex” sound or feeling, I cannot describe it, it is a really great track all around from beginning to end, there is no previous song that comes close to sounding this way.

To say “VII: Sturm Und Drang” is a good record, is an understatement. I will be honest and say I haven’t listened to the last two releases they put out. When I first got into metal, Lamb of God was my staple, I went to every show, learned all the words, bought all the records, everything. Of course, growing up and leaving high school, my taste expanded and changed the more MetalTitans exposed me to more events and music, but Lamb of God always was there, growing by my side. This record definitely shows the growth this band has done, while remaining true to their roots. Let’s just say, this showcase of American Metal is a true piece of art conducted by the talented members, of Lamb of God.