DECEMBER 7th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Leather Leone of Chastain. Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. You started singing in the 80's, so you have seen a lot of changes over the years, what do you think is the worst that has happened in the industry to harm bands ?

I have been out of game for a long  time, but what I see is that we can no longer protect and make a living from our music.  It is easily found and downloaded on many sites. Even before release in certain circumstances . We have lost control.
On the other hand, there is an incredible influx of talent that is candy to my soul.

2. You also have been considered for a long time to be one of the originators of the female power metal vocal style, how does that make you feel ?

When I am presented with those words, it is unrealistic to me.  But as I look back I understand the reasoning.  It is an honor to find that the love and necessity of my musical life is considered to be that important.  We are all in this together.  I happen to be one of those who expresses it through voice.  I do not take those words lightly, and I thank you for them.

3. When you first started out, did you ever imagine yourself at this point ?

I am not one to think of the next day let alone years ahead.  So it is a blessing that I am allowed to continue to do music in this capacity still.

4. While you attended school, did you take vocal lessons, or are you self taught ?

I never took vocal lessons. I was always in a choir or a church group that inquired me to always sing and find my own sound.  I certainly was a show off.

5. Who was your inspiration to become a singer ?

The only memory I have as a child was my mom...She was always singing around the house and to me.  It was a sound that to this day makes me feel at peace .

6. You took a long break at one point in your career, why was that ?

I had stopped doing music due to the fact that after Chastain , I had no team or individual that was interested in helping me as Leather.  I had received offers that I felt were compromising.  I would rather end the book than change the title.  It was a disappointing time, but I don't regret my decision.

7. What made you return to the life of vocalist again ?

My return to music had to do with the loss of Ronnie Dio.  He had changed my life musically and had always held my love and respect.  When we lost him, I was crushed . It made me want to express myself with the gift that he had told me I had . So I again began to get my voice back in shape. And here we are today.  It is all in his memory.

8. After your return in 2011 you formed The Sledge/Leather Project with former band mate Sandy Sledge on drums and Matthias Weisheit on guitar, and created Imagine Me Alive, how was the reaction to this album ?

The response to SledgeLeather was incredible. Unfortunately I was not able to fulfill that into a live project.  The beauty being it lead me to working with  Chastain.

9. Do you see yourself creating another album in the future ?

I'm not sure what the future holds.  I am open to a lot of conversation at this point. At this time I am so stoked with "We bleed Metal" it has my full attention.

10. Chastain has a new album out now called "We Bleed Metal", a sort of battle cry for all who live and love the metal world, do you think the metal scene gets a bad name ?

The Metal scene has always been the underdog. I have and will always remain a part of it.   We just have in it our veins.  It is what we are and how we live...we will never be silenced.

11. With the new album, what is your favourite song, and why that one ?

I have a different favorite song daily ... I am extremely proud of this record. Get in touch with me and tell me your favorite.

12. I see most of the record stores, etc have sold out of your new album, that’s a good thing, how do you feel ?

The fact that it seems to keep selling out is a remarkable feeling.  For us to be able to share and relate musically is why we do it. So Thank you

13. Of all the times you have been on tour, what is the best memory you have ?

My favorite times touring were all the time. I so enjoyed living out of a suitcase.
But I have fond memories of playing with Kiss in Dayton on New Year's Eve in the late 80's.  Playing shows at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Lamours in NY.
Hard work and hard fun .....

14. And with that, what is your worst experience ?

The only bad experience was not getting enough sleep....which was often

15. Has it gotten any better/easier for women in the industry over the years ?

I am the wrong person to ask.  I have been out of the scene for a long time, and am no longer a touring artist. I never noticed it to any degree during my run. But I never allowed it to be an issue.  I did my job well and I could sing with the best of any of them.
The gender issue is extremely boring to me. You can or you can't do your job ... and considering all the female voices I hear on the radio ... I would think the ignorant way of thinking has advanced

16. Tell us , do you have a guilty pleasure , sweet, fries ??

The reality show, America's next top model and lots of white wine.

17. Is there anything that you would change in your career if you could ?

I would have worked harder to establish my art as a solo artist.  And definitely worked harder to keep my relationship with being on the road.

18. Quirky question for you, if you could assemble a dinner party of six guests, dead or alive, who would you invite ?

Dio, Dimebag , Hendrix, Joplin, Jim Morrison, Dawn Crosby. I am planning the menu as we speak..

19. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you want people to know?

A huge Thank you to all of you for your belief and support of Chastain music.
We so appreciate all of our Metal friends.  Find me at and for all info on the new Chastain,

Love and Dio
Thank you so much Leather for doing this interview, hopefully one day we can catch you live in concert here on the west coast of Canada.

Chastain “All Hail The King”