OCTOBER 12th 2016 

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/leprous-guests/

This is where you would have found me on October 12th at the Red Room in Vancouver BC, covering this show for Metaltitans.  Tonight The Invisible Orange and Journeyman Productions present a night of progressive metal.

First off there were not many people in the venue, but that’s how it is really at any show, people show up for the last couple of bands.

Tonight started with DISSONA, four members of Chicago, Illinois who have created their own style and stage performance. A little too slow and elaborate stage movement by the singer for my liking. But hey, there were some fellows right up front, head banging and thoroughly enjoying the set. That’s what it is all about, remember, this is only my opinion, and I am not a progressive type.

Next is BINARY CODE, okay, now it is getting a little better, and who’s hometown is New Jersey / Brooklyn, NY and who are progressive. This time though, they had a much better beat, one that I could move my head to. More people filled the floor. Always a good sign. They played a great set and had lots of movement on the floor. Nice job guys.

Now this next band, EARTHSIDE who hail from New Haven, CT and who are classified as Cinematic Rock, were amazing. Well I had not seen this band before, and of course not, as this was their first tour with their first album. Okay, these guys stole the show. When they first came on stage, I was a little skeptical, as they had TV screens with them, but what was cool about this was the fact that when they had guest vocalist who sang on the album, they were on the screen. Now that was a great way to do it. Didn’t think I would enjoy it, but musically they are phenomenal, and then to have the song with the guest on it, made it that much more interesting to watch. But all together, they have what it takes to capture my interest and hold it. They also looked to be really enjoying themselves on stage. The keyboardist I know for sure was, he even came down into the crowd to play. Considering he didn’t perform a couple nights ago because he was ill, you would not have been able to tell by his performance tonight. Way to go guys, you truly caught everyone’s attention tonight. Hope to see you again on another tour in our town.

LEPROUS came last, they were the headlining band. To tell you the truth, I came because so many people said that one of them was from the band Emperor (Norwegian black metal band). Yes, sometimes you plug a name and you get people following. Especially in the black metal realm of things. But this is no black metal band, it is all about their own style. I am not sure exactly where to put them in that category. I never believed in genres anything, either you like the music or you don’t, don’t put a label on it. I would say that it is a little dark, but it is catchy, you can’t help but tap your fingers on the table, nod your head, whatever you do when you are enjoying the music. Most of their songs I enjoyed, the only ones I didn’t were the ones, that had exceptionally long notes, one steady sound, I like a beat, so that I can just enjoy. I am not saying they were not good, they are, they had a full range of music/songs that they did play, and people were enjoying. The floor was full for sure.

Like I said, I am not a huge fan of the progressive style of music. I am not even sure if Vancouver was the best place to showcase this talent, especially when you notice not many people there. I hope the tour had better turn out in other cities.