JANUARY 12th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Johan Frick, guitarist for LETHAL STEEL.

1. What was behind the inspiration to call the band “Lethal Steel” ?

We chose Lethal Steel as a band name because it sounded as harsh and heavy as the musical sound we were looking for.

2. You have 5 band members, tell us how each came to be in the band, including yourself ?
Viktor Gustafsson (Vocals):/ Leo Ekström Sollenmo (Drums): Childhood friends and earlier partners in music founded the band together in 2011. They felt that today’s music scene didn’t spawn any new bands playing the brand of metal they enjoyed themselves.
 Johan Frick (Guitar): I met Leo and Viktor first time in a Stockholm park called Tantolunden. We were in to the same kind of music which was not hard to recognize due to the way we dressed and the tape recorder playing Jonah Quizz. They came to show me their new band project Lethal Steel, a demo they had recorded themselves. I instantly wanted to be a part of it and joined.
Jonathan Nordwall (Guitar): When we recorded the demo 2012 Leo and Johan played guitars. When our drummer Jesper Nyrelius dropped off after the demo 2012, Leo took the drums and Jonathan came to be the guitarist for our first gig. It came naturally since we were good friends and we knew Jonathan was a skilled guitarist with same taste in music.
Christoffer Thyrhaug (Bass): Totte knew all of us in the band and we hung out a lot. Our previous bass player Sebastian Lindbom decided to quit the band in 2014 and Totte was an obvious choice. He had recently filled in for Sebastian when we did a gig in Malmö, which turned out to be one of our best yet.

3. You are a fairly new band out of Sweden, how are people reacting to your music so far, you have played  ‘Muskelrock’ and ‘Sweden Rock’.

We’ve got great responses! When we released our demo 2012 we we’re a bit overwhelmed by how great (in relation to how narrow our style of music was) the demand for the demo was from other countries around the world.
We’re excited to see how Legion of the night will be received.

4.  Have you been in bands before Lethal Steel ?

I’ve been in many. I had an earlier heavy metal project called Demonett when I was in my teens. That’s the first recorded material I’ve done. Before I joined Lethal Steel I had quit a thrash metal band called Exekutor. None of the bands ever got much attention.
5. I have heard that Sweden has a really good music program for young children, did you go to this school while you were young ?

I didn’t and regret it. But all of the other band members did  (Jonathan, Totte, Leo, Viktor).
6. What made you decide to do heavy metal over all other genres?

My cousin collected rare Swedish Heavy Metal singles and influenced me when I was a kid to get into bands like Jonah Quizz, Zone Zero, Reflex etc. I became obsessed. It was something about the honesty and genuineness in the music that got me caught with it.
7. Why is Heavy Load an influence ?

It’s just brilliant heavy metal! We have a lot of influences, but our mutual interest in Swedish Heavy Metal is what brought all the members together in the first place, though we’re not trying to remake their music.

8. Do you think it will be hard to compete with all the bands that come out of Sweden ? There really are a lot of amazing bands there.

Yes there are. But I think our music stands out from the mass right now. We’re happy that we’ve got as much support as we have making our narrow brand of Heavy Metal. For festival bookings and shows it might be hard to compete, but we’ll have to see what happens when the album is released.

9. You have a new album coming out called “Legion Of The Night” through High Roller Records, did it take long to record the 8 songs (5 new songs, 2 old tracks) ?

The actual recording time was not too long at all, but the process was a bit drawn out due to Olof Wikstrands (Enforcer) tour dates. Also Jonathan broke his hand in a drunken bathroom accident just before his guitar recordings which delayed it a bit. High Roller never stressed us with the recordings which we appreciate a lot, even though the process took somewhat 3-4 months.
10. Where did the 2 old tracks come from ?
They had been in our repertoire almost since we started doing live shows, but had never been recorded.
11. Where did the recording/mixing take place ?

It was done in Olof’s home studio, in Stockholm, Hornstull.

12. Who writes the lyrics ? Some of your songs are based on folklores, how do you pick which ones to put into songs ?
Mainly Viktor. He decides after what’s found fitting for the song and whatever folklores he himself finds interesting.
13. Do you personally have a favourite on the album ?

Yes, my personal favorites are Nattsvart and Demon from the past. I also find those two the most fun to play.

14. Who did the artwork for the album, and where did the idea come for it ?

Lalla Oledal did the artwork. We discussed what motives we wanted on the cover together in Lethal Steel and forwarded our ideas to Lalla who sketched us a layout around our ideas. She made it better than we could have imagined I think.
15. Do you plan on touring once the album is released in January ?

We really want to tour, but it depends a lot on whether its possible economically for the band. But somehow I think we will make it happen. For now we got a few shows scheduled in 2016.

16. Tell us what we can expect out of the album ?

Honest heavy metal, It will stand out from the mass of Heavy Metal that’s released right now.
17. Tell us something that we should know about Lethal Steel ?

We’re playing our first show outside of Sweden at the Hell over Hammaburg festival in Hamburg.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you want people to know ?
Not really, we’d like to thank people for showing interest and supporting.
Cheers Johan Frick