JULY 17th 2015

Review by: Lady M

Genre: Dark Hardcore
Hometown: New Jersey

Produced by : Len Carmichael and Fast Break Records

Band Members:
Kyle - Guitar
Jay - Guitar
Michael - Drums
Ryan - Bass
Jeremy - Vocals

Brief history on how LIFELESS came to be:
In 2008 Lifeless arose with the end of Deleware based band 'Dead and Buried' and New Jersey's 'When These Days End' members joined forces.  Lifeless (also known as Lifeless NLFTW) was born.

LIFELESS’ debut LP, NLFTW, was released by Harvcore Records in 2011, and was followed two years later with the “If I Could Be Anyone But Me 7” by the same label.

Now in 2015 the long awaited album Dream has been released to the masses. It is the first release with Fast Break Records which is home to Wisdom In Chains, Fury Of V, The Spudmonsters, Lionheart, Strength For A Reason and others..

Track Listing: Dream
01: Never
02: The Truth of Life and Death
03: Dream
04: Ladders
05: Stubborn and Stupid
06: Sinking
07: Empty
08: Surrender
09: How Hatred Starts
10: Scars and Holes
11: Broken Home
12: Reflections II

Now a small disclaimer : I do NOT consider myself a metal genre expert by any stretch of the imagination; I do like  and appreciate all forms of metal but its not my go to genre generally.  That being said, what do I think of Lifeless new album Dream?  Definitely the kind of music you would want in the Pit, hard hitting and intense, energetic, with great groove. Now they aren’t completely hardcore all the way through though, they do though lighten the mood in a few spots, doing a great job of incorporating the dark hardcore sound with an almost  heavy hard rock groove in a few places in some of the songs to really drive the lyrics home. The smooth transitions from fast and intense giving way to slower, lighter by none the less still intense, then back to hard hitting and head banging greatness. At the very end they have a surprise... a fantastic cover of Reflections II by Alice in Chains..which any Alice fans would be impressed by.

Over all,  aggressive in the best possible sense with ear catching deep lyrics that you can really get into,  kind of a Hatebreed meets Winds of Plague sound.  
So if you aren’t familiar with or haven’t checked out Lifeless yet - please do yourself a favour and check them out! They are anything but lifeless by definition ;)