MAY 8th 2018



Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music entertainment, worldwide. Today we are here with Swedish guitarist and bassist Tomas of the band, LIK. Check out the interview below for more.

I am embarrassed to say, haven't heard the name LIK before, so please put up with some basic questions, as I am sure there are others out there just like me. :)

1. The name of your band, LIK, when I looked it up under google to translate it in Swedish it comes up Like, is that accurate, and if not, can you explain how you came to call the band that name?

Well, first I just want to say hi and thanks for having me.

The word Lik means corpse in Swedish even though it’s very similar to the word like. The name was Chris (drums) idea (if I don’t remember it wrong), and we the others thought it was great, so we just went with it!

Also, the logo is originally made by Anders Nyström and later revamped by Mark Riddick when we did a t-shirt design with him!

For me I think it was the first time I saw the logo that made me really dig the name of the band

2. Tell us how the members of LIK all came to be in the band? Were you previous friends, or ...

It all started out when Chris (who needed a place to practice drums) ended up in Nales rehearsal room (another band that I’m playing in). We didn’t know each other at the time but he asked if I wanted to jam with him one day. I guess he got bored just practicing drums by himself. And then we discovered we had a mutual love for the band Dismember and that made us start Lik. Nille I have known for years and we have been playing together before, so I asked if he wanted to join in on bass guitar he said no I want to play guitar so that’s what happened.

3. Have you been in any bands previously?

As mentioned before I’m in the band Nale which is a Pantera kind of thing. And maybe ten years ago or so me and Nille played in a band together called Chaosys which was a technical thrash band.

4. You have a new album about to be released through Metal Blade Records on May 4th called "Carnage", was it an easy process to pull this all together?

Yes, we do but I can’t say that it was easy, but a great deal of fun mixed with a lot of hard work.

We meet up and jam all of our riffs we have and try to put them together into songs. I really like making music in that way. Someone has a good riff and you try it and see where it goes. Sometimes it turns to shit and sometimes it becomes a hit :)

5. Did you have any difficult times?


One week before entering the studio, I got nervous about all the songs and thought that everything was shit, fortunately the others convinced me they were not. And also, when recording vocals the same feeling was there and again I asked the boys what they thought and they were happy so I guess it was good.

6. Who writes the lyrics for the music?

It’s mostly me and Chris, but Nille has some gems in there as well. He’s coming up with awesome titles and cool words to use in the songs, so I guess we are all guilty.

7. Where does the inspiration come from?

Dismember, horror and zombie movies, everyday life and the end of the world. Yeah that kind of sums it up.

8. Tell us what we can expect to hear from Carnage?

Death and metal, mostly! Some cool dismember riffs and some Entombed grooves. That’s it basically. Nothing new just good old death metal that is played by people who love the music.

9. Do you personally have a favourite song?

It changes from time to time depending on my mood. But the opening track is one of my favorites. And the track called “the deranged” it’s a heavy tune with gruesome lyrics.

10. Does everyone take part in creating the album?

Yes everyone!

Without the other guys we would not sound like we do.

In the studio, guitars and drums are recorded live and I think that’s a major part of our sound. No fixes or click tracks, just that live feeling on all the songs.

11. With 2 guitarists, is it difficult to come up with the riffs?

No not at all, I mean, I like to sit home and do my riffs and then take it to the rehearsal room to jam with Chris and see what he’s got up he’s sleeve. Then Nille comes in ads his riffs and thoughts about the songs. So we write the riffs separately but jam them together.

12. There are so many talented musicians that come out of Sweden, tell me why you think that is?

Well we have a great beer in Sweden called Kung and I think that has a lot to do with it.

13. What is the most important part of being in this band for you?

Having fun! I would not do this if it wasn’t fun, and we have a lot of fun when playing so that’s what keeps me going anyway.

14. Will you be doing a tour to support Carnage?

Hopefully, we at least are really excited to come out and play for you guys but at the moment we don’t have that much bookings.

15. If so, any hints?

We have a show coming up in Stockholm together with a band called “under the church” and then later this year in Finland, that’s all.

16. What is next for you after this release?

I already have some new song ideas and Chris to, so we are gonna work on a new album I guess and try to play live as much as we possibly can.

17. Who inspired you to pick up a guitar/bass?

Slash of Guns N’ Roses, I was a huge fan as I kid, and my dad, he thought me the basics, so I guess they are the once to blame.

18. Do you have a brand that you favor over others?

Gibson les Paul and Flying V, and I also have to mention “crimson oath guitars” who made two really cool handcrafted guitars for me which unfortunately got stolen a couple of years ago. But they were really good to.

19. Do you remember your first guitar, who bought it for you?

Yes, I do, and I still got it. It was a squire Stratocaster, and I had to save up the money to buy it myself, so every birthday and Christmas was spent asking grandparents for money to buy a guitar;)

20. Did you take lessons, or are you self-taught?

My dad started teaching me the basics when I was like ten years or so and then I had an awesome guitar teacher for a couple of years. But I was a lazy student who never did my homework, so we ended up just jamming on songs that I wanted to learn. It was really fun, and I learned a lot of tricks from him.

21. Your favourite beer?

Lager! Not a huge fan of ales at all! Again, Kung is a favorite!

Do you have anything you would like to add to this interview, something I might have missed?

Nothing that I can think of really other than stay in school and be good to each other