JUNE 3rd 2015

Review by: Char Tupper

Where to begin with a CD like “Skills in Pills” by Lindemann. This project is founded by Till Lindemann of Rammstein and musically directed by Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy/Pain. Putting these two musical geniuses together, you know whatever the twisted outcome is going to blow your mind, and that is exactly what it did. This new record is definitely an album for me, that I cannot get out of my head. The songs are all diverse and full of character. Simply put, if you love Rammstein and/or you love Pain, you are going to love this record from start to finish. Let me tell you a little of the back story.

The band officially came together in Spring 2015 signing with Warner Music, and creating this masterpiece. Till and Peter met in 2000 back in Sweden at a bar in the most unique of circumstances to say the least. Till and his friend went to a bar, got into a bit of a scruff with local bikers, where suddenly to “save the day”, Peter walked into the bar and talked the bikers out of the fight, and saved the two mighty Germans from certain doom. Ever since that instance, Till and Peter have been friends and have for numerous years talked about a project like Lindemann but both were always too busy. Finally Till gave Peter the magic words, “Rammstein will be taking a two year break”. It was time to put “Pain” on hold, and start the project. These twisted characters we call “musical geniuses” gave birth to this sexy new band, Lindemann.

Having a listening experience like this only comes around once in a blue moon. No other album I have listened to in the past 2-3 years, has even come close to “Skills in Pills” in the sense of style and originality. Combining the filthy and vulgar lyrics of Lindemann, and pairing it with the modern musical instrumentation of Tägtgren, every single song speaks for itself. To say that there is a “sex/drugs” theme to this album, is a huge understatement. Till once again captivates the lyrics that only he could think of, like title track “Skills in Pills” speaking about all range of drugs, their uses, and how it creates a feeling of euphoria like no other. Listening to the musical components, you can hear the “Pain” element come out, which makes me personally, being a biased “Peter Tägtgren fan”, makes me itch for more and more.

The newest single, “Praise Abort”, speaks about well…hating life with children and “praising abortion”, and the luxury of life without children.  Warner Music released the highly controversial and gruesome new video for “Praise Abort”, directed by famous Rammstein video director, Zoran Bihac, bringing the dark and gruesome lyrics to life. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

The bonus track on the record, “That’s My Heart”, a wonderfully done ballad song to the record, I am not one for ballads for most bands, I want fast, upbeat, and in your face. This song puts a whole new meaning to “ballad” in my eyes, I cannot stop listening to it, the orchestration in this song is like true classical music mixed in with metal, blew me away. Speaking of the perfect orchestrations, I must say, Clemen “Ardek” Wijers, keyboardist of Carach Angren out of the Netherlands, is the composing genius for all the orchestrations on “Skills In Pills”.

I could go on and on forever about this record, but what better way to experience this new twisted project by two of metal’s most unique and creative minds, then to take a dose, or two to be sure, of your new medicine, “Skills in Pills” by Lindemann. You may overdose on how awesome this is, but “Fish On” and I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I did.


The new Album:
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► Super Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/LindemannSuperDeluxe
► Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/LindemannVinyl
► Digital Download: http://smarturl.it/LindemannDigital

The new Single:
► CD: http://smarturl.it/PraiseAbort_Physical
► Download Digital: http://smarturl.it/praiseabortdigital