NOVEMBER 9th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Terence Hannum of LOCRIAN, a band out of Chicago, Illinois. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

1. You formed Locrian in late 2005, making this 10 years in existence, by André and Terence, who previously played together in Unlucky Atlas. What was it that made you form this band ?

At that time, 2005, we were just at this point of wanting to make something heavier and looser.  I think improvising was important to us then but in the context of where we were coming from with noise and drone. Metal was something we were fans of but at that time we just really felt dissatisfied and wanted to do something challenging.

2. I am curious how you came up with the band name, if you type it in google, it comes up with “In modern practice, “Locrian” may be considered to be a minor scale with the second and fifth scale degrees lowered a semitone, any relationship to your name ?

Yes, the name was from André and it was a mode in music but also an extinct people. The double meaning was great I thought.

3. Since 2009 you have released 20 albums, that’s 3+ a year, how do you keep up that pace?

Well it sounds like a lot but probably up until like 2012 we had a more hectic pace, then we slowed down. Plus they aren't all albums, some would be tapes, or CDRs or VHS tapes with 3" CDs. We really enjoyed strange formats.

4. Explain to us what eclectic mixture of black metal, electronics, drone, and noise rock actually mean…I have never heard this before .

I don't know actually. I think we have been influenced by these different genres and reviewers hear that. Our influences are really diverse, from Abruptum to Whitehouse to Autechre or Yes. We are always finding something, or pulling from our interests to challenge ourselves. Whether it be Randy Rhoades or Genesis, we always try and find a new path.

5. You have a new album “Infinite Dissolution” through Relapse Records being released in late July, are you excited for this one to hit the stores ?


6. How do you come to choose “Infinite Dissolution” for the title ?

The inspiration for this record was Elizabeth Kolbert's book "The Sixth Extinction" and she has a chapter on ocean acidification, it kind of caught my eye to discuss dissolution. The properties of a material being dissolved. I just started thinking about our own existence, how humanity will just be spread thin, cast further apart. And the impossibility of something being infinitely dissolved. It just stuck with me.

7. Do you yourself have a favourite among the songs on here ?  If so, why that one?

I think "Dark Shales" and "Heavy Water" tend to stand out, they were the biggest challenges and were unlike anything we'd written before.

8. Who writes the lyrics, and where does the inspiration come from ?

I write the lyrics. I get inspiration from a lot of science and science fiction. This album specifically was the merging of the scientific reporting on the history of extinction, but also I was thinking a lot about structuring a narrative around extinction that was more in the realms of sci-fi, like Frank Herbert's "Dune" or say Jeff VanderMeer's "Southern Reach Trilogy".

9. What can you fans expect to hear on this album compared to your last one “Return to Annihilation” ?

More songs with structure, and I think a more linear story.

10. Love the artwork, who created this image for you ?

Thank you, it is a piece by the sculptor David Altmejd. He actually had already created it but we loved it and asked for permission to use it.

11. What does it represent ?  Where did the inspiration come from to create it ?

You know I can't exactly say what it means, his work has these layers of meaning. First they are very experiential, you have to interact with them in a space and they shred you in the reflections. I just thought about that when we were talking about the artwork and album's themes.

12. Now did you give the artist some ideas, or did he create it on his own ?

He had already made the piece, "the Eye", and I love how pristine it appears yet how if you look closely there are hammer strikes or bullet holes in the mirrors.

13. What studio did the recording, mixing and production for the album? Why did you choose this studio?

We recorded this at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Greg Norman. We've worked with Greg a lot and we really admire the work he's done with God Speed You Black Emperor! and Neurosis, he gets what we want. He also shares a lot with us, it's a good voice to have. I love the studio B room, and I like having the old Mellotron.

14. Was there any delays in the recordings, or did it all run smooth for you ?

It ran smooth, we divided it up. Did a lot of tracking and then some overdubs with more guitars with Dana Schecter on pedal-steel and Erica Burgner-Hannum on vocals too.

15. Tell us something we might not know about Locrian .

André's solos were really influenced by Randy Rhoads tracking he did for the first two Ozzy albums. No kidding.

16. Do you plan to tour in support of your new album ?  

Yes, eventually.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We wish you much success with “Infinite Dissolution”.