JUNE 13th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Igor Cavalera, vocalist and guitarist for the band Lody Kong.

1. It has been said that you called the band Lody Kong after a friend Cody Long, so you just switched the first two letters around, but tell us why after your friend ?

He’s awesome. (Haha.) Really it was just a joke name at first. When we were just jamming, writing some of the early songs, we didn’t have a name yet. Lody Kong was something we tossed around and joked with and eventually we got booked for a few shows and recorded our first demo. The only name we had even considered was Lody Kong, we went with it on a whim and four years later it has still stuck around. On the other hand Cody really is a genuine dude whom Zyon and I have grown up with since childhood. I guess the fact that we grew up two houses away from each other, and have pretty much known each other since grade school, made the name resonate with us.

2. What made you decide to form the band back in 2011 ?

Zyon and I had been in a sort of garage band called Mold Breaker in the year or two before starting Lody Kong. Like most childhood projects it didn’t last long, we played shows, had some fun jamming and called it quits. But we wanted to keep making music of course. Mold Breaker had been a sort of experimental project we did to figure out what we really wanted to do. Lody Kong was what we wanted to delve deeper into, and going through the process of a sort of “starter band” helped us figure out what sound we wanted to go with, and what sound we didn’t want to go with.

3. You have two new members to the band this time around while you were on tour, tell us how they came to be in Lody Kong ?

Travis and Noah are both great musicians who I’m very happy to be playing with. Travis used to be in a death metal band from Baltimore called Noisem who I’m a big fan of. Noisem happened to play Phoenix and I went out to the show. There I met Travis and the other Noisem guys, who came and crashed at my house. We stayed friends over the year or so that we were in separate bands. When we had an opening for lead guitar in Lody Kong Travis was the first person I thought of. He shreds, and he just happened to leave Noisem at the same time. I flew to Baltimore with my fiancée on vacation and stayed at Travis’ house. There we kicked around the idea of jamming together; a few months later Travis flew to Phoenix to jam with Zyon and me and he killed the songs we had recorded the previous summer. As for Noah, we met through common friends in my brother’s band Incite. Noah was in a sick band from Phoenix called Vivicide. I thought he had awesome playing capabilities and he was a fun dude to hang out with. I asked him what he thought of trying out for bass with Lody Kong and he backed the idea. In just two days we learned the songs together, and in just a month we we’re jamming as a full four-piece band.

4. I guess having a whole family in the music business this was just an obvious step for you to take, to be in a band, have you always wanted to go this way ?

I would say we were definitely influenced by our family and by our background. That much is in fact obvious. Music was all around us as we were growing up. We got to see what it was like to tour at a young age and we learned the hardships and the satisfactions of a life of music. But at the same time it was never forced upon us. As kids our parents didn’t put us into music classes, or force us to play certain instruments. It just came naturally over the years that I wanted to play guitar and Zyon wanted to play drums. We made our own choices.

5. Did you ever think about doing something different ?

Yes, definitely. I’ve always had a fascination with reading, and looked up to authors such as Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Stephen King and J.R.R. Tolkien. I’ve always had a habit of writing short stories. And actually a few years ago I began work on a full length horror novel. It was hard work, studious work, but I saw it through and finished it. It’s currently being edited and proofread and I plan to release it later this year. So I guess technically I already am doing something other than music.

6. What is life like constantly being on the road ?

Life on the road is a world of pro’s and con’s. It’s awesome getting to play your music and travel, it can be hard to leave home for so long. You make friends on the road with bandmates, at the same time missing your friends and family at home. It can be twelve hour days working a show for nine days straight, paying off by seeing the world and expressing your music on stage. It’s one of the hardest things to describe in words; you have to do it to really know what it's like.

7. Do you personally have a favourite thing about touring ?

I’d have to say the shows. Whether good or bad, packed sold out show or playing for twenty people. I love the sound we produce, I love the loudness. The adrenaline that hits me when I hit the first note. The shows are when I feel enlightened. A close second favorite would have to be the scenery that you get to see while travelling the country.

8. Do you have a negative ?

I guess I would say the wear and tear that it does to you. Moving gear two or three times a day, followed by throwing yourself around on stage followed by hours of travel by night takes a toll on your body. Especially when you consider doing it for ten to fifteen years. It’s work to keep yourself healthy and your vigor peaked, you see too many musicians crumbled by years on the road.

9. Do you think having the Cavalera name has opened more doors for you ?

It has opened a few. Of course we’ve gotten a bit of tour support for having it, but we still work our asses off. We don’t want people to think we were born with silver spoons. It’s why we’ve strived to make music completely different than that of Soulfly or Sepultura. We want to make our own footsteps even if it means choosing the low road. Brick by brick we’ve been building this band, and while we’ve had a bit of help along the way, I feel we’ve earned what we have, and we have put our blood and sweat into this band.

10. You have an album out now called “Dreams and Visions”, how have people been reacting to it so far ?

The album has gotten great responses. People like the aggression and the rawness that we cumulated in the studio. We’ve been hearing its original and that’s really all we can strive for. I can even admit the critics I’ve read of it have at least had positive critiques.

11. Was it a long process from writing until the finished CD ?

It was incredibly long. We recorded “Some Pulp” and “Topaz” in August of 2013, and recorded the rest of the album in May of 2014. The album wasn’t released until March 2016. All of the songs on it are already three years old, while to everybody else it is brand new. Needless to say we are itching to get back in the studio for a second full length album.

12. Do you yourself have a personal favourite song on the album ?

Either Kreative Center or Smashed and Blasted. The riffs on those two are my favorite, and the sludgy groove symbolizes our sound well. Also my favorite lyrical content on those two.

13. Who writes the lyrics, and where does the inspiration come from ?

I write all of the lyrics. Most of it is simply personal thoughts and reflections put down on paper in pen. Crazy ideas and actual instances from my life. While I keep most of my lyrics cryptic, they come from the heart and they tell a story. I’m leaving it to the fans to figure out what it means for themselves. Inspiration comes from a multitude of places. Other artist’s styles, novels, everyday life. It all finds a way to come out.

14. What made you choose the song “Chillin, Killin” as the lyric video to be released.

We thought it was the most energetic song on the album, and our record label agreed with us. The lyrics had great flow to an imaged video and I think the finished product came out great. Fans responded well to both the song and the video.


15. You were just on tour with Soulfly, Suffocation etc, how did that go ?

It was a blast. Probably one of my favorite tours to ever be on. Abnormality, Battlecross and Suffocation were some of the nicest and most fun people we’d ever been out on the road with. We had plenty of parties, played a month of ripping shows, and became good friends. We’d be more than happy to tour with any of them again.

16. Did you have a better reaction from crowds in one city over others ?

It changes day by day, some shows are packed here others are slow there. It really just depends on circumstances. The only area I can say for sure that we have the strongest following would be the West Coast of America. Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix are always awesome shows. We hope to change that for the rest of the country too.

17. Now that you are home, what are your plans ?

Possibly to work on new Kong music. Get better at our instruments while we have time to practice all day. I’m also working on a second horror novel. Just keep jamming and writing until our next tour comes around.

18. When you are not doing anything with Lody Kong, what do you enjoy doing ?

Like I said before I’m a huge bookworm. I guess you could say I’m the nerd in the band. (Haha.) My time at home is mostly spent reading and writing fiction. I’m also a big gamer. I’m into sword and magic based RPG’s like Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls. If you’re an online gamer, chances are you might run into me in a fantasy world.

19. Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview that I might not have asked, but you want people to know ?

That we thank them for the support, and that we can’t wait to get back on the road again.

20. How about some personal questions outside of music:

What is your favourite food –  Bacon, eggs and toast

Favourite music to listen to – Godflesh

Favourite colour – Blue

Favourite restaurant – Rehab Burger in Tempe, Arizona

Favourite alcohol to drink – Belgian Beers, my personal favorite is Chimay Red.

Thank you Igor for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we will see you next time around.

Thank you Rita !