AUGUST 8th 2016

Review by: YouFO

Band Members:

Jens Börner - vocals and rhythm guitar

Michael Hellström - lead guitar

Rikki Mannhard - bass guitar

Bubu Brunner - drums

This is the bands 8th album, and it is available as limited edition digipak with two bonus tracks and jewel case CD. The album is produced by Lonewolf, recorded by Xavier Sindt at Microclimat Studio in France. Mixing and Mastering is done by Charles Greywolf (Powerwolf) at Studio Greywolf, in Germany, and the cover artwork was done by Peter Sallaï.

Track List:

1. A Call To Wolves

2. Wolfsblut

3. Demon's Fire

4. Keeper Of The Underworld

5. When The Angels Fall

6. Until The End

7. Rise To Victory

8. Heathen Dawn

9. Into The Blizzard

10. The Birth Of A Nation

11. Song For The Fallen

12. I Choose The Dark (Digipak Bonus)

13. Mother Faith (Digipak Bonus)

In case you are not familiar with the band, they formed back in 1992 and played true heavy metal, releasing several demos and a 7" along with an album. Lonewolf split up in 1996 due to a bad experience with a label. But they came back in 2000, creating a demo and debuting their album in 2002. A second album followed in 2008, and so on, until their new release now in July.

Lonewolf were also the first French band to ever play in Greece. Lonewolf has been busy, playing numerous gigs and festivals.

In case you are interested in their Discography, here it is:

2002 - March Into The Arena

2004 - Unholy Paradise

2008 - Made In Hell

2009 - The Dark Crusade

2012 - Army Of The Damned

2013 - The Fourth And Final Horseman

2014 - Cult Of Steel

2016 The Heathen Dawn

Now let’s get on with the review, first off, I don’t really think of France as a heavy metal type, but they proved me wrong. I personally haven’t heard their music before, so this is new to me. What I can tell you is you going to get some riffs, and not just any riffs, some power chord ones, which gives the guitars a sound to take notice of. There is also some speed and some terrific guitar solos. The drums to say the least are the heart of the instruments, keeping all in check and giving a true heavy metal, and power metal sound. The vocals are melodic with a touch of brutal, pulling this all together very nicely. You need to give this a listen, it’s a solid album.