JANUARY 5th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with Hella (keyboards) for LORDI from Finland. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.
1. You joined the band in 2012, doing keyboards and vocals, what made you join this band ?

I had a history of playing in a few small metal/rock bands in Finland. A friend of mine worked for Sony Music Finland and heard that Lordi is looking for a new keyboard player. She gave my phone number for them and a few weeks later I got a call from Mr. Lordi asking if I was interested in meeting up with the band. I didn’t have to think about it a second, and I feel really lucky that they thought I’m the one they want.
2.  Do you bring the keyboard music to the table when making a new album, or is it already done and you learn the music ?

Every member in the band can bring their ideas to the table and they are all considered as a possible material for the new album. But mostly the songs are composed by Mr. Lordi. This upcoming album has a little solo composed by me called Hella’s Kitchen. It’s describing a world of Hella with the tones of the music.
3.  Are you a self taught keyboardist, or did you take lessons ?

As a keyboardist I’m self-taught, I didn’t have a clue about the electric sound world when I joined the first band I played in. But I do have a background with classic piano. I took piano lessons as kid – since I was about 4 years old until early teenage.
4.  Did you have any say in what your costume would look like ?

Oh yeah, there is no point that any of us would feel uncomfortable in the costume. Mr. Lordi has a visual idea, but all the details will be designed together with the band member. For example the new look of Hella I have chosen the material of the costume, shoes and some accessorizes myself.
5. Describe to us, for those who have not seen you, what exactly your costume is…

If you can imagine how an age old Barbie doll would look like if it was burned, cut, ripped, stabbed and there was a living dead person stuffed inside. That’s how I look.
6.  When you are playing a show, it must get extremely hot in those, how do you manage?

Try out doing a 75-90 minute workout in a sauna, wearing a full body plastic wrap. That’s just about how it might feel. But all we can do is keep our selves hydrated, water and sports drinks are what we cannot go on stage without.
7.  When you were growing up, did you ever expect to be in a band such as Lordi ?

When I was a kid, I was definitely a dreamer and I believed anything is possible for me. I always loved horror, music, theater, traveling…everything that is part of this life I’m living right now. You can never expect things to happen, but definitely I had wished all this to come true.
8.  What do your friends think of you being in Lordi, rocker/monster style band  ?

They always knew I’m a little…different. Friends are happy for my success and me getting to do something I love. My family is very proud of me.
9.  You have a new album coming out November 4th through AFM Records, this is your second (To Beast or Not to Beast(2013) / Scare Force One(2014) that you have worked on, what can we expect to hear from Scare Force One ?

Something slightly new, fresh sound and style – although all the Lordi elements are still very strongly there. The producer we worked with, Mikko Karmila from Finland, was definitely the right choice to work with. We got what we wanted, and hopefully you all like the album as much I do.
10.  When you do your recordings in the studio, do you also wear the costume ?

Haha, fortunately no. We also did part of the recordings up North at a cottage, in the middle of  Lappland nature. That’s an awesome environment, quiet and private place to concentrate on creating music.
11.  Do you yourself have a favourite song on the new album ? And if so, why that one.

My favourite will be changing all the time, but during the recordings I enjoyed the most song called Hell sent in the clowns. I love the creepy keyboards there and it has a very catchy melody.
12.  What would surprise us the most to find out about Lordi ?

We all borrow black nail polish from Amen.
13.  Is Lordi planning a tour to support the new album “Scare Force One” ?

Oh yeah, the tour will start in January 2015 and hopefully will include a lot of dates all around the world.
14. The title of the album Scare Force One, reminds me of “Air Force One”, the plane the president of the USA travels on, is there any connection to that ?

No, not at all.
15.  If you could not be in a band, what job do you think you would have ?

The President of The United States.
16. When do you find yourself most creative when working on Lordi material ?

At night when I’m supposed to sleep. There are times that I just have to get up and write down what I have in mind. Otherwise it would be gone by the morning.
17.  Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I may have missed asking, that you want the fans to know ?

Hmm…if anyone has questions for me, you can find me in Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/hellaoflordiofficial . See you all at the gigs!
Thanks very much ( kiitos paljon ) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We wish you much success with Scare Force One.

Thank you, was my pleasure!