JUNE 2nd, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We got the opportunity to talk with vocalist, Lauren Boquette from LORDS OF RUIN out of Orange County, California. It was a pleasure to be able to get a chance to talk to Lauren and some of the history, writing, and ideas behind Lords of Ruin. Check out the interview below:

1. What made you decide to bring honest, powerful, heavy hard hitting rock & roll back into the forefront?

Well first off me & the boys love metal and hard rock music, we all have been into it our whole lives but metal has seemed over the past few years to of taken a turn into more death metal & grind core. We wanted to pull things back to center…big riffs, big choruses and lyrics you can actually understand…just as our heroes did it!  So with Lords of Ruin, we want to deliver the style of rock/ metal that we love.
 2. What’s the motivation for the band, to keep going, to stay to the rock n roll?

We love what we do and have such a strong creative chemistry that we just want to continue to build on our vision, and of course to “deliver the goods! “
As the great Rob Halford (Judas Priest) once said.
 3. When you were growing up, what was your choice of music to listen to?

Heavy Metal and Punk rock, no doubt!! I was an angry kid so aggression and intensity spoke to me. Whether it was Judas Priest, G.B.H, Motorhead, Raven, Circle Jerks, TSOL, Iron Maiden whatever….if it was loud and pissed off, I was into it! My mom had a rather extensive music collection so I was exposed to everything, classic rock, blues, soul, r& b but metal and punk seemed to resonate the deepest with me. They fit my mindset.
4. What did you do before being the vocalist for Lords of Ruin?

I sang for a band called DROWN who put out a few albums and did a lot of touring, then started a project called FAMOUS who only released an EP and did one giant festival tour with Slipknot, Slayer, Hatebreed, Sevendust and a bunch of other bands. I then started a band called SiX, who released music and toured extensively as well. Then SiX evolved into LORDS OF RUIN. I’m telling you, I’ve been doing this my whole life and continue to start projects as new ideas strike me, I absolutely love making music and I’m in it to win it!
5. Lords of Ruin is the band name, how did that name come about?

I always thought it would make a great name for a punk band and when my last project’s name SiX became impossible to find online due to its simplicity, I just flipped everything into the new name. The name is my way of saying, you have the power to destroy everything and start over anytime you want to! You are your own God or Lord, you control what you do or don’t do and you have the power in you to change anything in your life that you see fit.
6. Your first show was back in 2010 opening for Korn, Korn was actually my first concert back in 2004 that is a big headliner, and how did you feel being the opening act?

It was one hell of a way to start a new band I can tell you that!! Packed arena with kids ready to lose their minds and I assure you we gave it to them, we tore that place apart! Huge love to the kids of Bakersfield CA that rocked with us that night!! I have to thank my friends Rick Zeiler & Adam Grayer for creating that opportunity for us. They used to run Jagermeister, now Coldcock Whiskey and have been great friends and big supporters of my music over the years.
 7. Tell us how each of the band members came to be in Lords of Ruin.

Rhythm guitarist, Travis Dunn, was already a part time member of SiX so when his schedule opened working with him full-time was a no brainer.

Lead guitarist, Jimmy Craig, was building motorcycles while living in his studio/workshop while writing new music for his other band Motor Gun Hotel. His shop was only a couple doors down from the studio where we were developing Lords of Ruin. We all met and the chemistry was perfect and he came on board.

Bassist, Chico Tovar, is a talented musician that I had known from other bands in the past. He heard the music we were creating and wanted in.

Drummer, Lagarto Marley, is from Mexico and a friend met him at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico years back. When we were looking for a new drummer, that very dear friend highly recommended him. Travis Dunn and I went to see him play with his other band and he rocked our faces off. Once again the perfect fit.

All of these guys are full on committed to rock n roll so the chemistry over here is incredible.

8. You have just released an EP titled “Life is a War”, what made you choose to do an EP over a full album?

These five songs, all seem to fit & flow together really well. It had been a while since we released some new music so it made sense to put this out as one complete record.  That combined with the fact our friends at Sullen Clothing were launching a new music company, Sullen Musik the timing of it all was just to perfect!
9. How did you decide to put these 5 songs on the EP?

They were all written at the same time, recorded at the same studio and all flowed together really well. They just made sense together.
10. Do you have a favorite one on the EP … And why that one?

I would say the opening track, New Life, is my favorite, but it is hard to pick one. The song really sums up where I am in my life currently. I traveled a long & dark road in my life but eventually found my way out of it. This song says everything you need to find to create your new life is already inside of you, it is just a matter of tapping into it.

11. Who writes the lyrics for the songs by Lords of Ruin?

I do and I take pride in the fact that I am able to connect with whatever emotions I am going through and turn them into songs, it has certainly saved my life.
12. What is the motivation behind the songs?

We all love to create music and constantly try to outdo ourselves as songs progress. We are also definitely a live band so these songs have to make people want to move.
13. Who was the producer for “Life is a War”?

I was but I also worked really closely with the engineer on the project .For every band I have been in I have always been the guy to see the big picture and how the overall recording process should go and I guess I’ve always been the one crazy enough to commit every waking moment to it.

What studio did you records the 5 songs in?

ReAmp Studios in Orange, CA.
14. The cover artwork is pretty unique, how did you come up with the idea for the cover, and who was the artist for it?

When I came up with the title for the record, I saw countless images of the chaos and problems that we are surrounded by in this world. All of the things that if we allow ourselves to, can consume us and destroy what we are as people. I started to assemble pictures that I felt represented those mental images.
15. Do you plan on touring to support “Life is a War”?

We absolutely want to. We are just looking for the right opportunity to do so.
16. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you think people should know about Lords of Ruin, that I might have missed asking?

Right after our first show in 2010 we released a 10 song album through iTunes, followed that up with a 3 song EP titled “Beehive,” we released this EP through our friends at Sullen Musik and since its release have released two other singles, “Ghost of Finneran” and “Darker Side of Life,” also available on iTunes. If you enjoy “Life is a War” I encourage you to check out the other music we have out there, you will not be disappointed. All of our music, latest updates and links to social media can all be found at www.LordsofRuin.com.

Thank you Lauren for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, we appreciate it. We also wish you much success with “Life is a War” and hope to catch you on tour sometime.

Thank you so much for listening and keep on breathing!!
You only get one life, don’t waste it. Make sure you are living like you want to!