JANUARY 25th 2019


Metaltitans had the opportunity to chat with vocalist Postel from the band that comes from the expanses of dark wasteland after the world went down in the blazing light, did we catch your attention, good, the band is LORDS OF SALEM.

Interview By: Metal Mom

I want to ask some basic questions first, just for people who don't know anything about the band  . . .

When did the band first come together ?
Marple and I (Postel) did start to work out the idea and the conception for the Band in 2015 when we went together to the Wacken Festival. We played both over many years in different bands but we never worked together in a band. So we decided to change that.
How did Postel (vocals), Arian (guitar), Marple (bass), and Alex all come to be in the band?
Marple and I had the wish to found a unique band and put this Mad Max/ post apocalyptic image over it. Later we found Alex who liked what we did and Arian joined the band as last band member.
What made you decide to do Rock/Metal/Gothic and Doom together?
To entertain people, not only with music but of course visual with a wild and crazy show. The other thing is that the band has become something like a family in a short time during we did the songwriting and go on tour together.
How did you pick the name 'LORDS OF SALEM' as the bands name?
Inspired by Rob Zombie's song and movie.
Okay, now let's talk about the new EP you have released, it is called 'Hell Over Salem', tell us about how you came to name the EP this?
We had to make a decision between the song "Hell Over Salem" and "Roll 'N' Roll Machine" I favored "Rock 'N' Roll Machine" but the rest of the band liked "Hell Over Salem" more. So we took "Hell Over Salem" as the EPs name.
Who designed the unique cover for it?
The photographer's name is Thomas Kilian - Soulcatcher Photography. He did a great job!
You have 4 tracks on this EP - Monster Girl, Hell Over Salem, Zombie Monkey Woman, Rock'n Roll Machine, do you have a favourite among them?
Ha, ha, all of them.

Who writes the lyrics for the songs?
As vocalist and lyricist, this is definitely my part (Postel)

Where does the inspiration for writing them come from?
Different experience https://cdn.webde.de/cdn/mail/client/wicket/resource/static-res/---/mc/img/smileys/default/s_03.gif, the song itself and sometimes from movies.
What made you decide to do an EP instead of an album ?
In our opinion it's not seasonably to do a whole album, if you do it as self release. 4 Tracks and put some videos out it's more appropriate in those days.
What kind of response have you had towards 'Hell Over Salem' so far?
We got very good reviews worldwide and the funny thing is that it felt good from the first moment when we started to do the songwriting and the first rehearsals.
Tell me, which instrument did you each start playing first?
Regarding me, I started as a drummer.
Marple started and always played bass guitar.
Alex plays for over ten years on drums.
Arian started with guitar.

And was it a gift, or something you bought yourself?

Bought it ourselves by hard earned money.
Who was it that inspired you to be in a band?
In Marple 's and my case it was Kiss. Arian is inspired by Bands like Led Zeppelin, Ramones and different movie soundtracks. Alex is the guy who is listening to bands like Amon Amarth, Behemoth etc.
What kind of music do you enjoy when you are not working on LORDS OF SALEM?

Classic Rock, Rock, Death Metal, Thrash, Shock and Horror Rock, Gothic, Blues and Pop.
Do you have a band that you listen to that people would question you listening to because it isn't Metal? I myself have a lot.
Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Genesis, Robby Williams, Bauhaus and so much more.
Tell us something we should know about the band?
We are crazy, we are true - no bullshit, you get the full load of Rock & Roll party attitude.
What is next for you guys?

Doing some videos and touring, touring, touring and working on new songs.

It is Christmas time, tell us your plans for the holidays....

Doing nothing, relax and celebrate with our families and friends.
Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Yes, thank you for your support and making this interview possible.
LORDS OF SALEM says cheers and see ya on the road.
Thank you so much guys for taking the time to do this interview for us here at Metaltitans.