MARCH 25th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide. We are here with Lyriel’s vocalist, Jessica Thierjung. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Originally when you started back in 2003, you were labelled a heavy metal/folk, what made you change to a more rock, metal, gothic, and folk band ?

We are constantly evolving and are open to many styles of music. For this reason, we have mixed our old style with new styles. This is a challenge but we don´t want to miss that.
2. Did you listen to a band(s), that might have inspired you to lean this way in the genre ?
Yes, indeed. Bands like Blind Guardian, Within Temptation or Nightwish was always an inspiration for us.
3. Tell us how you decided to call the band Lyriel, what was the inspiration behind it ?
Oliver and I just searched for some nice sounding Irish names and we thought that LYRIEL is very suitable because of our lyrical lyrics.
4. You also have a few members to your band, can you tell us how each of them came to be in Lyriel ?
Jessica Thierjung (vocals) : After Oliver and me became a couple, I was guest vocalist for his former band. After a while, we decided to form a side project with me as vocalist and here we are now…

Oliver Thierjung (bass, backing vocals) : Oliver first played guitar in Lyriel but after a band member left the band, it came up, that Tim would rather play guitar and Oliver bass.

Linda Laukamp (cello, backing vocals) : We got to know Linda by a friend and she was the perfect one for our project.
Tim Sonnenstuhl (guitar) : Tim was our sound engineer first. Someday we meant that it would be great to have a second guitar player in the band and Tim offered himself.

Markus Fidorra (drums, percussion) : Markus belongs to our circle of friends and was our replacement drummer during our first Tour with ELIS and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. After our former drummer decided to leave the band, Markus just was hooked.
Joon Laukamp (violin) : After our former violin player left the band it seemed likely, that we ask Linda´s brother to join the band.
5. Was it easy to become recognized in your hometown of Gummersbach/Köln ?
No, not so easy at all. It´s funny that we were more known abroad then in our hometown. But I think most of the people of the scene know LYRIEL round here now.
6. Your 5th album, “Skin and Bones”, what can people expect to hear from this new album ?
We have coupled the strengths of our old albums with the strengths of the newer albums. The catchiness of the songs has become much bigger and the hardness has become something more. But the songs are still full of melodies.

7. Who writes the lyrics for your music ? What is the inspiration behind the words ?
On our debut album, Oliver did all the music and the lyrics. Over the next years and albums Linda wrote most of the lyrics and nowadays all the lyrics. Our lyrics are most of the time very poetic – ambiguous and metaphorical. Linda always has a very specific event in her life that inspired her to write a text but she likes to keep it vague to let people find their own interpretation.

8. Where did you record “Skin and Bones”, who mixed and mastered ?

It was recorded at Autumnworld Studios in Gummersbach. It was produced by Tim Sonnenstuhl, mix and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson.

9. Tell us why you choose to record in the studio you did, and why did you pick the person who mixed/mastered ?

Most recordings were done in Tim´s studio, because he has a well-equipped private studio. We had the cooperation with Plec already at our last album "Leverage" and we were very satisfied with it. There was no reason to change the expert.

10. I have heard that musically your songs range from dreamy ballads, a pinch of medieval tunes, to some heavy rock songs, with a touch of classical and celtic folk music, how did you come up with putting those all together to make your own unique sound ?

I think this is because we are not only intrigued by a particular genre, but totally open to many styles of music. And with this attitude, it´s so interesting to mix the strength of different kind of music into his own style.

11. Love the look of your album cover, how did you come up with this design, or did an artist create this for you ?
That´s great to hear, thank you. An artist created it for us. He made us several suggestions and we found this one very suitable.

12. Of all the tracks on your new album, do you personally have a favourite and why that one.

My favourite is “Dust to dust”. First we thought it that it´s a fill-in, only but it was the most surprising song after recording. I like the feeling of the song very much and the violin line is so lovely.

13. Do you plan on doing a tour to support “Skin and Bones” ?

There are plans for spring 2015 but no conformation yet.
14. Where would you like to tour that you haven’t before ?

A US Tour would be amazing. Mexico or Spain, also.
15. When you were a child, did you always want to be a singer ?
For as long as I can remember, it was a dream of mine and just before I realized, that I have a good voice.
16. Have you taken singing lessons at all, or you have acquired your voice on your own ?

I acquired my voice on my own. Meanwhile I had some singing lessons to learn more about singing technique. But I like to keep my voice as natural as possible.
17. Have you ever wanted to do anything else other than being in a band ? What ?
I just wanted to be a singer but I never had the intention to do it in a band. It just happened.
18. Is there anything you would change at all about being in a band, or taking the band in a different direction?
No. We evolved into what we are now and we I love it.
19. Is there anything you would like to add to the interview that I might have missed asking you, that you want people to know about “Lyriel” ?

If you know us for a long time or just joined our little family, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm! We know, that we have a lot of fans all over the world and you still wait for us to come to your country. In the time to come we will concentrate our efforts on touring! Thanks for waiting and we will see you soon!

Thank you so much Jessica for taking the time to do this interview, much appreciated. And we wish you all the success with “Skin and Bones.”