AUGUST 18th 2018



Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with the band MAGOTH, who began their career back in 2011. MAGOTH existed for the moment as a side project of guitar player and singer „Heergott“. The Intention to create a band project which differs from common bands particularly in the common complex of themes gave rise to six songs which were recorded in a studio but not published back then. With the joining of the guitar player and background singer ”Shagnar“ in 2013 concrete plans of a release of the songs as a demo player under the title of ”Der Toten Gesang“ were made. Check out our exclusive interview below for more about MAGOTH.

Interview By: Metal Mom

MetalTitans:  I read that you came up with the name according to writings of Abraham of Worms from the 15th century, a lot of work to find that name MAGOTH, did you ever have something else planned, or this was just one that really worked to describe you?

MAGOTH: “Magoth” describes an intention behind all our works: the union of forces and weltanschauung as an external observer. According to writings of Abraham von Worms the planetary spirit Magoth subordinates Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial. Contrary to expectations “Magoth” is not a bad demon. He simply acts as a part of the mystical world. Likewise we fulfill his part in our world.

MT: Tell us how each of the members came to be in the band.

Heergott (vocals/rhythm guitar)

MAGOTH: Heergott is the founder of Magoth. He created the band in 2011 with the intention to express all his negative feelings and thoughts in a proper way. Magoth was henceforth able to give the ugliness of this world a proper musical counterpart. With the participation of guitarist Mordath the demo "Der Toten Gesang" was written, which finally cast the musical foundation for Magoth. However, Mordath separated from Magoth.

Shagnar (lead guitar)

MAGOTH: In 2013, at the request of Heergott, the longtime companion Shagnar took over the position as lead guitarist as well as the organizational part of the band. The incorporation of both characters gave the project a new dynamic: Plans for the publication of existing songs as a demo were concretized and structures for self-distribution were created by Shagnar. With the label "shagnART music" Magoth was now able to officially publish their material. Shagnar is actively involved in the songwriting and also contributed to the creation of the debut “Anti Terrestrial Black Metal”.

Widrir (drums)

MAGOTH: The search for a drummer was difficult. Because it was primarily sought after someone who is not only trained on pace, but who brings his very unique playing style. Widrir was contacted in mid-2015. He completely fulfilled this requirement and became an essential part of Magoth. His dynamics and the energy with which he hits the drums unleashed the true spirit of Magoth's sound. The songs were no longer just played, but celebrated together.

Havoc (bass)

MAGOTH: Due to the announcement of several gigs a guest bassist was used first. His position was taken over by Havoc in 2016. Havoc was asked by Shagnar, as the two had previously played in a band. Havoc completed the line-up of brothers in spirit perfectly and gave the sound of Magoth another special trait.

MT:  Explain to me what "Anti Terrestrial Black Metal" genre is, I have not heard that name before

MAGOTH: "Anti Terrestrial Black Metal" entitles our debut and also describes our thematic direction. Thereby we consciously isolate ourselves from the crowd.
We do not only look at the incidents of our immediate environment. We look at the big picture, far beyond any limits instead of just bashing the scapegoat.
For neither religions nor political institutions are to blame solely for the course of the world. After all, humans in general are fueling their own mental laziness.
“Anti Terrestrial” stands provokingly against all those things created from stupidity. It is a declaration of war on the present-day existence.

MT: Where does everyone come from?

MAGOTH: Our roots are in Rhineland and Bergisches Land, Germany.

MT: What made you decide to bring the band together?

MAGOTH: The potential of the works of Magoth. The songs have an energy and at the same time depth, which should definitely not only be banned on a CD. Through Heergott's intention to implement those works live, we found each other as brothers in spirit. Since we all knew each other from previous bands, it was only a matter of time before we find ourselves in Magoth.

MT: Did you have someone that was an inspiration to you?

MAGOTH: Numerous bands from the second wave of Black Metal induced us to express ourselves the way we do. Those are the known classics as well as several highlights from the underground. In the end we would leave it up to the listeners to find out themselves if there are any similarities.

MT: In 2017, you released your first full length album, was that exciting for you guys? Very impressive too that it sold out in 11 weeks.

MAGOTH: Obviously, a release is always exiting, because you never know exactly how the reaction will be. But the response was great. Our debut received a lot of national as well as international attention. We received orders from all over the world, so that the limited and handnumbered first edition was actually sold out within 11 weeks. Due to the high demand, we have also released a limited, second edition, which will be sold out shortly. This may e.g. be ordered from Whether a third pressing is published, is not yet decided.

MT: Who writes the lyrics?

MAGOTH: The lyrics are created primarily by Heergott and Shagnar. But also the other band members are partly involved.

MT: Where do the ideas come from to write them?

MAGOTH: Those ideas for our lyrics come from numerous debates on topics that move us and often annoy us. In the foreground stands the uprooting of mankind from itself and this universe. In short; the arrogance of human existence.
Man was once deprived of his potential and meanwhile acts only as a battery of obsolete dogmas. He has tied himself to this earth and sold his spirit. What others are trying to conceal are we discussing in our lyrics. We use knowledge as a protest. For believing means stagnation.

MT: Was it an easy process from writing the songs, to getting to that final stage of CD form?

MAGOTH: There were challenges. One of the biggest was the creative process - especially for our frontman Heergott, who was at a psychic turning point at that time.
While processing his emotions into musical form he breathed the songs their own, honest character. As a band, we stood up for Heergott, and together we grew beyond ourselves.
This challenge forged us together as a band. It shaped and reinforced us at the same time.

MT:  Do you have a personal favourite on the album you like to play?

MAGOTH: We celebrate every song with full vigor and in excess. Because the entirety of the album makes it what it is: a raw and brute trip through the spheres of black metal. Certainly, one can see during the shows which songs our fans crave the most. This includes Thorns or Sheol. At least here, the audience freaks out completely.

MT: The label you work under is actually your own, do you find that hard, because it means that you have to put all the money in yourself to get it off the ground?

MAGOTH: Self-marketing requires a lot of commitment indeed and involves a financial risk. But that gives us all the freedom and control over Magoth. Thus we can implement our works freely from unwanted influences, even outside the rehearsal room.
In cooperation with our “Consultant Of Kings”, Andreas Hofmann, and Markus Eck of “Metalmessage”, we successfully implement this self-distribution. Of course, we are also interested in cooperating with a label. But our intentions couldn’t be satisfied by now.

MT: I have to ask, your corpse paint, did each of you come up with your own designs, or did something create them all?

MAGOTH: The corpse paints were created by ourselves and were formed over the years. The application of the corpse paint is a ritual, to break loose from the local world. It is not a "mask" that is supposed to be whitewashing or hide something. On the contrary. Through this we separate ourselves from being human and enter a sphere that is beyond any norm and that represents the negative without any taboos.

MT: Who created the artwork for the album, and how did the idea come about?

MAGOTH: The US american Gragoth from “Luciferum War Graphis” created the artwork. We already had a vision but we left him his artistic freedom and the development of the artwork met our expectations entirely.
The four gestalts gracing the cover, are taking themselves from the outerworld to a cave, to muse about their experience. It reflects the journey to our inmost being.

MT: What is up next for you, tour dates, shows locally, making videos, working on new material, tell us?

MAGOTH: We are working on the second era of Magoth. This means that there are only two options remaining to experience our "Anti Terrestrial Black Metal" full album set live as it is on CD; on 04.08.218 at the Schlichtenfest Open Air and on 31.08.18 at the Armaggedon of Decibles. At the end of the year we will initiate the second era with our second studio album and our first official music video. First shows of the second era have already been confirmed.

MT: When you are not working on band material or upcoming things, what might we find you doing?

MAGOTH: We live for music and always find ourselves in it. Unless we work on Magoth, we are engaged in other projects or simply write music for ourselves. Offside our artistic world, we do our jobs, just to survive this material pandemonium.

MT: What kind of music do you enjoy?

MAGOTH: Of course Black Metal predominantly. But we don’t limit ourselves on this particular genre. We prefer music, that’s honest and genuine. It has to be more than just a collection of notes that expresses amusement.

MT: What's important to you about being in Magoth?

MAGOTH: Magoth for us is more than just a band. Here we are able to act in artistic freedom and fulfill ourselves. At all times we focus on our main idea, to create qualitative and good sounding Black Metal. We all made our experiences in different bands, but none of them could mesmerize us like Magoth. It’s the spirit standing behind. Our heart’s blood is immortalized here.

MT: A word of advice for people who are reading this?

MAGOTH: Trust your senses and open-mindedly analyze what’s going on around you. We’re damned at different levels and there’s no way out of this vicious circle. But at least we have the option to pass away in knowledge. Just never limit yourself to only one view.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with Metaltitans, any last words?

MAGOTH: Think for yourself. Question authority. Stay blasphemous.