MAY 24th 2016

Review by YouFO

Band Members:
Hanno - vocals, guitars
Erinc - drums, vocals
Genre - Black Metal Doom Punk
Hometown - Bremen

Track Listing:
01. Carnal Rising
02. Praise The Plague
03. Era Borealis
04. The Hint
05. Born Reversed
06. Oz
07. I, Omen
08. Cross The Cross
09. Schwanenstein
10. Sundowning

MANTAR - Era Borealis:

On April 15th Mantar, Northern Germany's infernal extreme metal duo, will release their Nuclear Blast debut "Ode To The Flame" worldwide.

I seem to get all the bands no one has heard of, I guess expecting it to be lousy. In all fairness, I haven't heard of this band either, but was glad I got handed this one to review. Definitely worth a listen. In fact, all you need to do is just listen to the song I attached above, what an exemplary piece of music. Truly is a doom, black metal, and they also say punk, but not sure I would call it that. In fact I had to listen a few times because I just couldn’t believe just how good it was. I can honestly say, I don’t think I have heard a band such as this. Refreshing.

Obviously, the two members have strived to make such a tight powerful album. Don’t brush this off because it has the word punk in it, this has more than that, it captures your attention right from the get go, and holds you until the end, then you have to do it all over again. Your addicted, and it’s the best kind of drug.

I like the fact too of the album cover, plain simple, and they did it this way to make it look like a book, no muss no fuss, stands on its on accord.  

Check them out, it is one of those CD’s that needs to be listened to, to really appreciate what is in it. I know the next best thing would be to catch them live, and I have found out that they have an exclusive run in April, in their native Germany after the release, with festivals throughout the summer. And, bonus here, they are making their way over to North America for appearances at Heavy Montreal, Psycho Las Vegas, and California Deathfest, with more to be added.

First I highly recommend buying the CD, and if you can, catch them at one of their tour dates.