MARCH 29th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with MASSACRE’s Terry Butler, bass Obituary/ex Death/Six Feet Under. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

The pleasure is all mine, thanks for the interview!!!!

1.  It has been a long time since a release of an album, about 20 years, what made you decide to return and release “BACK FROM BEYOND” ?

Well as cliché as it sounds the time was right. I was talking to Rick one day on Facebook, and I told him if he ever wanted to do Massacre again, let me know. It was 2011, and it was the 20th anniversary of From Beyond, so we thought it would be cool to do some shows. So we started rehearsing and one thing lead to another, and here we are now!!! lol

2.  What it an easy process to get back into the band life ?

Yes. Rick and I are veterans, so it all seemed very familiar to us. It was like we never stopped.

3.  Who wrote the lyrics ?   Is there any type of theme associated with them ?

Ed Webb wrote them. The themes are varied. There is a song about serial killers, one about werewolves, one about Vikings, so it’s all over the place. A few songs deal with the Lovecraft theme, like on From Beyond.

4.  It’s kind of an obvious name to choose for your album, who came up with it ?

When we first started talking about doing another album, Rick said how about Back From Beyond. We all looked at each other and said “that’s it”. The title has a double meaning for us: the band is back from the shadows, and so are the creatures to destroy the world.

5. You guys are legendary, you started back in 1984, and now you are at this point, does it feel like the time is right for this to be happening for you ?  

Wow 30 years lol…Yes, we do. I think the scene is ready for a band like Massacre again. We play in-your-face Florida Death Metal. No blasting, no keyboards, no opera vocals. Even though it’s a classic style of Death Metal, it sounds refreshing.

6.  You have a video out in support, called “As We Wait to Die”, what made you decide on this song ?

It’s the first song off the album, so we thought it was a good representation of the material on the album. It will give the fans a feel for the album.

7.  Are you looking forward to Century Media releasing your first studio album in 18 years?

Yes, we are very excited for the release to be on Century Media. They have been very supportive and helpful to get us to this point. We like to think it’s the first album in 22 years. The album released in ’96 is not really Massacre ha-ha.

8.  You had your album recorded and mixed by Tim Vazquez of CGM Studios in Florida, have you used him before, or what was the deciding factor in using Tim for this process ?

He recorded the Condemned to the Shadows EP for us in 2012. We felt he did a great job, so we asked if wanted to do Back From Beyond. We actually record at his studio, so it was a very comfortable environment.

9.  The artwork for the album was created by Toshihiro Egawa, who has worked with Cryptopsy, Krisiun, Devourment, do you give him ideas and then he creates, or he comes up with his own ideas ?

We gave him a rough idea of what we wanted and he did the rest. I think he nailed it. We really like what he came up with. It’s a pretty dark and evil cover ha-ha.

10.  You were on 70000 tons of metal, how was that for you ?

It was amazing. I recommend it for anyone. We actually played the 2012 version of the cruise as well, and Century Media signed us from our performance. This year was awesome as well. It’s a good way for the fans to interact with the bands for 5 days. Everyone rubs elbows and hangs out and bullshits. Good times!!

11.  Did you play some of the newer songs of your album ?

Yes, we played 4: “As We Wait To Die”, “Succumb to Rapture”, “Back From Beyond” and “False Revelations”. The crowd seemed to enjoy them.

12.  Once your album is released March 24th in Europe and April 1st in North America, do you plan on touring to support it ?

Yes, we do. We have a tour set up in Europe starting May 2nd at the Neurotic Death fest, two more fests in England, then some club dates. We plan on touring the states as well, plus Europe later in the year again.

13.  Is there anything you would like to add that you think your fans/metalheads should know about the comeback of MASSACRE ?

Sure, we are not approaching this as a 1 time album and tour. We are in this for the long haul. We want to put out as many albums as we can before we die or the zombie apocalypse hits. One of the two.

I would just like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success with “BACK FROM BEYOND” .

Thank you very much!!!!!