APRIL 23rd 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


The tour was announced in January of this year, and it kicked off on April 16th in St. Paul, MN. with Big Business opening the tour until the April 29th gig in Los Angeles where Graveyard takes over for the remainder of the dates, which runs through May 24th in Columbus, OH. This is also one of two nights here in Vancouver.

This is a first for me actually, all 3 bands on this tour, I have never seen them play, so should be interesting.

First up tonight is BIG BUSINESS,  and I soon found out they were more a stoner/sludge metal, not my cup of tea, but was impressed, especially when you think there are just two members on stage creating their sound. The drummer is phenomenal, and they had my attention for the first couple of songs, but then they went into a more slow, passive style. But looking around the room, the floor at the Commodore was pretty full for the nights opener, and that alone says something about the band, a lot of fans, had their eyes, closed, just chilling, thoroughly enjoying the music. With only 3 bands playing these guys got to play a longer set to everyone’s enjoyment. Just because I don’t enjoy this type of music, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effort and talent behind the band. They did a fantastic job.

Next up is CLUTCH, and I have to say, I went in with very negative thoughts about them, I had been told that they were boring, and that some had fallen asleep when they had seen them. Geesh, wasn’t looking forward to them at all. But, boy oh boy were those people ever wrong. In fact this is the band that got my attention and held it through their whole set. A band that has some great beats, ones you enjoy and just have to tap your fingers, nod your head. You can’t just stand there and watch, their music just captures your rock heart and moves you.  You always know when it’s a great band you are listening to when you don’t look at your watch, well, until its over, and you are thinking, they didn’t play very long. Well that wasn’t true, in fact they did play for awhile, it’s just that they were so good, it didn’t feel like long at all. For me, every song they played had my attention, they know what they are doing, and they do a fantastic job of it. There is a lot of talent here, and I am so glad that I got to review this show, just for Clutch. There was no doubt about it, looking again around the room, a venue that was a rockin. Clutch, is the one that stood out above all others for me on this tour. Great job. I will definitely be there next time they come through.

Next is the headliner for tonight, MASTODON. Now I am still not sure how I feel about this band, but checking out the room around me, the floor, the balcony, they were all seemed to be enjoying themselves. I didn’t stand up front in my usual place as I wanted to give it to a fan that really appreciated Mastodon. Since this was my first time watching them play live, I could stand off to the side and witness their performance. This was the band that the crowd obviously was waiting for. Sorry, I can’t tell you what songs they played, but people were singing along, so obviously they knew the songs well. The crowd was pretty much a sea of Mastodon shirts as well. They played many a song, and I enjoyed some, but for me, it just didn’t capture my attention, didn’t hold me there wanting to hear more. Yes, you can hate me for that, but it is only my opinion, and I am not going to enjoy every band that hit’s the stage here in Vancouver. Just consider, that I was probably the only person there that felt that way, because the floor/balcony were enjoying their set to the max.