JULY 17th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Entertainment worldwide. We are here with the band MATRICIDE, from Israel. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

1. Your name "Matricide" is Latin and means 'Mother Murder' (Matri = Mother, Cide = Murder), why did you choose this for the name of your band ?

When we started the band we wanted a band name with a conceptual theme.
Most of our songs deal with profound and thought-provoking philosophical and spiritual matters. We picked a band name which would reflect our point of view on the world and it's population in a provocative way. The band name comes as a metaphor for what is happening on our planet. The mother is Gaia, Mother Earth, responsible for the purity and wonders of creation. Murder is reflected in the way that mankind takes these wonders for granted, and systematically destroys them and the planet's natural resources.

2. The band formed back in 2004, what was the inspiration behind forming the band?

 The band was originally created, as an Israeli metal super-group. So the inspiration came from wanting to create something new, powerful and different. The band was a place to channel violent energy into extreme Music

3. I am curious, why did you decide to put Death Metal, Nu-Metal, Hardcore and Punk all together?

Can't say it was a decision, it was an evolvement, every member of the band comes from a different musical background. When MTRCD started we where a "rip off" death metal band and we tried to sound very much like Morbid Angel.
Then we had some line-up changes and we practically started the band from the beginning with a different approach to creating music. We mixed all our passions and influences together and it came as new crossover genre and we think that this aspect is what makes Matricide's sound unique. Every member of the band has his musical preferences. Auria comes from the hardcore punk, Ran brings the Nu-Metal feel and Shahar drives to death metal.

4. Tell us how each of the current band members came to be in the band:

Ran Eliahou (vocals) - When we where looking for a drummer, Ran came to an audition, he then insisted that although he is a drummer - he wanted to be the vocalist.

Auria Sapir (guitar) - Formed the band with Yogev Sitton

Shahar Guy (bass) - When the band was formed we where looking for a bass player and Shahar coincidently had his nickname on ICQ named MATRICIDE. We immediately sent him a message regarding joining the band and the rest is history.

Ofir Zigi (drums) - After our drummer left the band in order to pursuit his musical career in the U.S.A with his band Seek Irony, we were looking for a drummer. Ofir sent us a video through Facebook and that's how we got to know him and his drum skills.

5. Is it hard to get established in Israel with your style of music?

Yes, it is very hard because Israel is a small country and there aren't many places to perform for a metal band. Metal is not popular in Israel and the media doesn't give it exposure. There are a lot of small local metal bands around here but not that many "successful" bands.

6. What kind of bands had some influence on your style?

We are influenced by a wide diversity of musical genres
Pantera, Meshuggah, Tool, Paradise Lost, Sevendust, Converge but also
Autechre, Queens of The Stone Age, Steve Reich & many more

7. What has been the best experience for you while on a tour?

Every tour that we went on was an incredible experience for all of us, whether if it was performing for new audience from different countries or sharing the stage with amazing bands, which we grew up on.

But the best experience by far was on our last show of our previews tour with Orphaned Land, it was a sold out concert and in our last song the audience jumped on stage together with the rest of the bands that preformed that night to celebrate our last gig for that specific tour. That was insanely great !

8. Have you had some negative tour experiences? I have heard some horrible ones.

Well... we had some bad experiences but nothing worth  mentioning.

9. 2013 introduced the band's first LP, "When Random Turns To Fate", how was that received by people?

We believe that people really got connected to this album, we received some great reviews for it. whether if it's our fans in Israel or new audience around the world, our entire first and independent print was sold out in Israel and on our tours. Today, we have a second print that came out distributed by Kame'a Music (Distributor based in Israel).

10. And now in 2015 Matricide singed with Kame'a Music (Israel distributor), got endorsed by Schecter guitars and signed a booking contract with Energy Zombie Management, how did all this come about?

Since we formed the band we've been working hard and we are very focused on our music. We truly believe in our music and in our lyrics. We  believe that people can feel it and it develops mutual trust. Hard work and persistence is the answer.

11. What is happening now with Matricide?

We are working on some new material which is scheduled to be released next year, working on an upcoming tour this summer and we are negotiating with labels regarding our debut album and it's distribution in Europe.

12. I see that you are writing new music in the studio, how is that going?

It's going well, it's the first time for us writing music as a four piece band with only one guitar player. Just like our last album, we are experimenting with new sounds and moving up the ladder in the evolution of Matricide.

13. What can we expect to hear on this album?

This upcoming album is going to be more melodic, atmospheric and more progressive.

14. Will you be doing a tour in support?

We are working on it at the moment, probably in the summer.

15. Who writes the lyrics? Where does the inspiration come from?

Our vocalist Ran writes all the lyrics. Ran writes about his life and the things that he went through  (drug and addiction issues, mental issues, family and relationships) the lyrics are very personal but they can be interpreted in many ways.

The debut album has a conceptual lyrical theme which is based on a philosophical question - whether we live in a world of rules and mathematics controlled and created randomly by nature or is it an act of god with a hidden code which reveals everything.  

Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that you want people to know about "Matricide"?

We would like to thank you personally for this interview , good luck with Metal Titans and all ! We would like to thank all the readers, Cheers!

Come to our shows and see what MATRICIDE is all about.