SEPTEMBER 27th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Well a drive down from Vancouver, BC as this tour didn't come up, so we went to it. There was one cool little extra factor for this show, it was at the WaMu Theatre, which I had never been to before. Big, spacious, good sound and found my spot to keep safe in, I quite liked it.

First up tonight is Butcher Babies, I have seen them numerous times. They have high energy, and they put on a great set with a variety of songs. The crowd didn't look to be too enthused for them though. BB had way more energy than the crowd. It was a short set, considering 5 bands are playing tonight, early start and early finish. But they put on an amazing show for all to enjoy.

Next to hit the stage was a band I have never seen on stage, and they are from Seattle. But I will say these guys nailed it. Holy, can they pull it together and give the audience a night to remember. Musically there were phenomenal, and then to top it off was the vocals. Not often I see a band for the first time and am so impressed. This tour will be great for them, more people will be witness to their talent, and Metal Church will leave their mark.

Suicidal Tendencies is next, they were good, watching them, because of their energy, looked like a mosh pit on stage, non-stop movement. Must have been hard for photographers to catch them in action. They seemed to be an odd band in the group though, not saying they weren't great, but just didn't fit in with the genres of the others. Musically, vocals were done to perfection. Great set. I still can't get over the energy, made me tired watching them. They gave 150% though, and the crowd was crazy for them.

Now Amon Amarth, I don't ever miss these guys, I love their music, I love the look of them on stage. Last time I saw them in Vancouver, I had to be helped out of the front row. Very disappointing, I am one that I love being up front, but the moshers went nuts, haven't really witnessed that with Amon Amarth before. This show tonight, holy geez, absolutely outdid themselves with their set, great sound, so clear, you could hear each of their instruments, and the vocals were crystal clear, which made it great for singing along to. Their songs were well chosen, and they didn't blend into each other, the crowd loved them, cheered, horns high, and their singing, where I was, almost hard to hear Johan sing. ;) The whole stage presence was amazing, and this time around, we got the ship – WooHoo! And the eyes glowed red, the fog around it was like it was breathing fire. The backdrops changed often, giving more atmosphere to their set. I could have stayed all night and just listened and enjoyed Amon Amarth. This show was one of the very best I have seen from them. Oh and did you notice a new drummer, his name is Jocke Wallgren and he did an exceptional job on those drum blasts.

Megadeth is next, and yes, there is a huge production on stage, with lights, visuals and such, but it is what you would expect. But you will also note two new musicians, at least to me, it has been a very long time since I have seen Megadeth play. The new guitarist is Pedro Henrique "Kiko" Loureiro, who also is known as one of the band members of Angra, and what a magnificent player, no wonder Megadeth grabbed him. Spent most of the set watching him and the talent he has. Another new member (to me) is Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork). I watched him, kept thinking why does he look so familiar, then bang, of course he used to play for Soilwork. What fantastic additions to Megadeth, they really put the sound and the energy back in. Musically I loved watching them on stage, I loved the lights and visuals. At some points during some songs, it almost sounded like Dave Mustaine was losing his voice, which could be the case, as so many bands seem to have some form of flu/cold virus. They also played a variety of songs.