JULY 28th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We recently got the chance to talk with MELPHOMENE, a fairly new band out of  Mexico. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us at Metaltitans.

1.You are really a new band, you formed in 2013, what made you decide to form a band?

M: Hi there, well it started with Esthíbaliz and me (Mario), we have already some years in music and the both of us have different music projects, but we decide to start this one to rescue some songs we had stocked for many years waiting for the right musicians to take life.

2.Tell us about the name MELPHOMENE, how did you come to pick this name, and if there is a meaning behind it.

M: it was a little funny, I use to play some RPG game, one of those is the one “Vampire The Masquerade” and  in the game there’s a lot of different vampire types, one of this are called “Sons of cacophony” and the main characteristic of this one is that they sing to achieve their goals, and one of their vampire powers is called Melphomene, then I search about the meaning and realize that Melphomene is the muse of the tragedy, former muse of the singing. This meaning and the voice of Esthíbaliz make believe that it will be a nice name for the band.

3.The two songs that you sent me, were extraordinary, usually a band doesn’t sound so great first time around, it takes awhile. ;)  So how did you manage to create such a fantastic sound right away ?

M: Thnx for the comment! J well, I think the result of  the band sound is because we have been in music for a lot of years, we have play long time with many different bands, in different genres, but with this one we are making something we never try before, we are trying to get lose some things we couldn’t do with our other bands. So maybe is the result of the excitement we feel in this moment of our lives.

4.Tell us about the members in your band, and how they came to be in Melphomene ?

M: Esthíbaliz and I, we have been couple for 6 years so it was a matter of time for us to make something together, then Omar came to the band, he’s a very close friend of us and an often collaborator in our music, in fact we three have other band called R.I.P. Rapunzel which is something like folk so we invited Omar to play the bass. And finally came Ignacio, he came from Argentina to México in 2012 and we met in the music academy in which we work. A bit later after the idea of Melphomene came to real, I invited him to join the band, and he gladly accepted.

5.Before forming the band, did you have someone that inspired you?

M: well, many bands have come to inspire a lot to everyone of us, but since most of the songs we are making with Melphomene, existed already, what inspired us was the desire to take those songs to live and rescue them from oblivion.

6.Have you always planned on being in a band, like since childhood ?

M: I think almost every people dream sometime in their lives with being in a band, is funny, attractive and exiting! For me the idea of being in a band started a little late when I was 18 old and grab a guitar for the first time, in that moment I decided to leave everything for the music and… here I’m. Esthíbaliz started to sing at 15 and also dedicate her entire live to develop her sing technique, Ignacio is almost the same thing, he started at 14 with the drums but he’s also a magnificent chef! Omar is the younger of us and he has being very close to me in his music career, also he’s a Karate black belt, a great theater actor and a future biologist.

7.What made you choose a metal sound with a touch of other styles mixed in ?

M: Like all the bands we all have different influences and the sound of the band is the result of this, I like more like gothic-metal and goth-rock, but also I like classical music, the same with the other. Esthíbaliz is an opera singer and her style sounds like that, but also like pop music and some of soundtracks of movies and anime.
Ignacio has some roots of folklore music of his native Argentina and is a big fan of progressive rock. And Omar likes more the rock than other things.

8.Is it hard in Mexico to have your metal music heard ?
M: México has a big but an almost underground metal scene with a little support and not so many places or specialized radio stations to promote. Also Mexican people has a more like for Caribbean music, so there’s public and people who listen to metal but it’s not so easy to be heard or to reach a big amount of people to hear your music. Of course internet is now a very important tool for the metal artist in México.

9.Who writes your lyrics, and where do the ideas come from ?

At the moment most of the lyrics are written by Esthíbaliz and me but there’s also some collaborations from other friends of us. The ideas came from different ways, Esthíbaliz use to write stories that she imagines, and I write about more introspective lyrics based in my own experiences.

10.You are now working on an EP called Destructive Crescendo, how did you come up with the name for the EP ?

M: It was the same that with the name J

11.Do you have the artwork yet for the album ? If so who created it ?
M:  we’re still working on it J

12.Is there a studio that you are working with to complete the EP , or are you doing this all yourself ?
M:  All our production is made by ourselves, but we are getting support of 3er piso studio (3rd floor studio)

13.When can we expect to have this on the store shelves for others to enjoy ?

M:We are planning to release it in March so far, and of course to put it for online stores.

14.Do you plan to tour in support of the EP ?

M:We will make a few gigs here in México to promote the EP and we are planning to search some dates outside the country.

15.Where would you like to be in the music industry in say 5 years ?

M:I’ll feel grateful if in 5 years I can still have the joy for make music, but of course that our goal will be make a lot of music, record it and play it for the people who like it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us, I know you are busy with your EP.  We wish you much success with MELPHOMENE.  Keep us posted.