MAY 2nd 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Place: Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver BC
Doors: 5:30pm

Most of you that know me, know that this is the one show I am so anxious to witness. It started off well, by not raining, and a smooth drive into town. I will tell you right now that this tour is going to crush you. This tour also had many SOLD OUT dates, with Vancouver being one of them.

First, for many of us, it was extremely disappointing to hear that INQUISITION would not be performing tonight. The reason, one of the two members, Dagon (vocals/guitar), couldn’t make it through the border, but Incubus (drummer) could, and he continued on and still took part in the VIP packages. I know from previous experience that Vancouver lost out, for only 2 members to this band, they kill every show they perform at.

Local band TYRANTS BLOOD, hit the stage first for a short set. I have seen these guys play a few times, and they seemed to have taken a step up. The fans thoroughly enjoyed their time on stage. I am not sure exactly what genre I would plug them into, but they are definitely metal and fast.  

I am going to say right now that I had no idea who this next band was who came from Reading, PA, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, and I was a little worried when they started off, a slow melodic type, but really, have no fear, they cranked and ripped it up to everyone’s enjoyment. There is nothing better than discovering a new band to listen to when you attend a concert. Maybe the mosh pit was not as active, but you could tell that all on that floor enjoyed every minute of their set time. Their set was short, and they were also the only band to have clean vocals, but it fit with their style.

New Orleans GOATWHORE, now who in the metal realm of things has not heard this band play before, they have become a metal household name with all the tours they have played on. A true black death metal that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. They have never failed to keep the crowd going mad, and to keep everyone in a state of metal. Just look around the room, horns high, or the insane crazy mosh pit, the floor was full and each one of the guys gave it their all. They also played a variety of old and even playing a new song from their soon to be released album in July. The only sad part was it was over way too soon. You know it’s a great set when you don’t even realize the time has been ticking by. Definitely a lot of satisfied Goatwhore fans tonight, and I was one of them.

Now how would you like something a little dark and strange, and maybe even a little unrelenting and dense, well then this is the band for you. 1349. The band continued on this tour without Frost on drums, but they had the good fortune to have Jon “The Charm” Rice from Job For A Cowboy working the kit. A variety of songs were played, and all who attended were either in the insane mosh pit or headbanging. Truly you have to give these guys credit, this was the second to last show, and it didn’t look as if they were tired of performing.

Okay, the stage is now abuzz with the many techs and crew members putting everything together for the one, the only BEHEMOTH. Actually, its almost a show in itself to watch these guys work their magic to make sure everything is perfect for Behemoth to enter. And now, lights dim, the incense is lit and what happens next is what you expect just before they hit the stage, it’s happened at all the shows I have ever seen (17 to be exact). The crowd goes insane. First off on this tour, you are going to notice the unique clothing change from last tour, I like it, makes for a much more epic appearance. Inferno enters first to climb behind his drum kit, Orion and Seth come forth and take their place on either side of Inferno, and then Nergal enters carrying 2 swinging balls of flames, faces Inferno, then turns and faces to a very loud enthusiastic crowd.  The first song…“Blow your Trumpets Gabriel“,  first release off of “The Satanist”, oh yeah, everyone went into a frenzy,  and it didn’t stop until they finally finished their set. Which they executed to perfection, but it is what you have come to expect from Behemoth, they give 150% each time, they never let anyone down.  Every song was welcomed by the crowd with such enthusiasm and zeal. The crowd tonight was deranged, I haven’t seen a crowd like this before, and I cover a lot of tours at the Rickshaw. There was never a down time, a time to breath, they hit it hard from start to finish. Oh yeah, they still spit the water out, and they still have the blood that spills forth. When you are standing there, gripping the rail with all your might to hang onto your place, you look at Behemoth playing a little different, you seem to take it all in, watch with your full attention. And yes, there were some slower songs, but they still had that energy to grip you by the heart and make you listen. The songs they chose, well they could not have picked any better ones, only maybe more of them. I will name a few, and you will see what I mean, this one I belt out loud “Slaves Shall Serve”, Conquer All, As Above So Below, At the Left Hand of God, and so many more, but you know that you can never be satisfied with the likes of these songs, you want more, I am greedy, there were just so many they could play. But the one song, and I don’t know exactly what it is, that crushes me, is “O Father, O Satan, O Son”, it grabs my heart, and twists around, and I will admit, brings tears to my eyes. I don’t know if this is what Nergal intended with this song, but damn, that’s what it does. And it seems I am not the only one. What I also enjoy is the fact that Adam (drum tech) comes out on stage and blasts away on the drums with Inferno on Left Hand of God. The very first time Behemoth came over from Poland was back in 2003, and I have watched them grow since 2007, what great changes have taken place. To tell you the truth, there is absolutely NO WAY I can really do Behemoth the right justice, they are amazing, they are transcendent (going beyond limits, surpassing), and that’s it, they conquer all. For me, I can’t wait for their return to North American soil to do it all over again. And I will be there, hanging on for dear life, but it’s a must.